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Watch: Vuvuvultures – “Safe Skin”

23 May


Given their propensity for more off the wall visual accompaniments to their songs, each new Vuvuvultures video release is beginning to feel like something of an event. What on earth will they have come up with this time and will Harmony have been browbeaten enough to consent to the inclusion of a vagina laser?

We were somewhat taken aback to find then that the video for “Safe Skin” (from last year’s excellent VVV EP) is almost fairly normal. This is the band who brought us a march into space to obtain multiple limbs, a dark trip to a fantastical and freaky underworld, and of course a woman who eats human-sized flies… (yep). What’s going on?

Well, we did say almost and fairly normal. Directed by James Copeman, the man behind the visceral promo for the menacing “I’ll Cut You”, “Safe Skin” feels like an interesting visual take on the performance video. Harmony is singing, the band are playing, though none of them are with each other, Harmony dances a bit, shows of plenty of skin (safe or otherwise) and that’s about it. Except its not, of course its not.

The visuals are a kaleidoscope of flesh and music, as well as a little oddness thrown in as well. Harmony’s eyes shudder as they blacken, primal screams escape mouths in the form of scribbled lines, which also fill wine glasses. Nothing though compares to the ooze, the liquid gunk that dribbles and pours out of, well you can see for yourself, suffice to say it is not a vagina laser substitute, thankfully (although, you could see it as being something similar if you looked in a certain way…).

While you watch the video below (possibly at home, there’s no explicit nudity but a Harmony sans coulettes may still get you in trouble with the boss, or a raise, depending on your boss) consider the following three exciting pieces of VVV related news.

1) Their debut album, Push/Pull, will be released on Energy Snake Records / Cadiz / Universal on 29 July.
2) It will be preceded by a brand new single titled ‘Steel Bones’.
3) They will be touring the UK tour in support of this release.

More details on where and when will follow but one thing we do know is that they will be playing Open in Norwich on 4 July. How can we so sure? Because we’re only putting on the flipping show ourselves! Yep, its the first ever Alphabet Bands promoted gig and we are made up that it will be one of our blog crushes headlining. Tickets are on sale now and cost a mere £5. Support comes from Box of Light and Horse Party.

Sales pitch over, go watch the video (and buy tickets to the gig!)

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Watch: Vuvuvultures – “I’ll Cut You”

3 Jul

We’re not entirely sure how, we think it was while we were asleep, but London based Vuvuvultures have burrowed deep into our brains, found the switch marked, ‘Oh hell yeah’, and flicked it.

After the release of their brutally brilliant debut EP, VVV earlier this year and the , frankly, bonkers, video for “Pills Week”, the gang have topped it all with this amazing video for “I’ll Cut You”. The description may well tell us that it was directed by James Copeman, but that must be a pseudonym as it looks suspiciously like the band has got Guillermo del Torro in to remake the video for “Bad Romance”.

The video makes a wonderful companion for the song, drawing out its slow burning, foreboding and intense sound magnificently. “I’ll Cut You” is an intense, grinding howl of a song and the video just adds a layer of sordid, dark sexuality to the mix.

Depending on how laid back your boss is, you may not want to watch this at work, but once you’ve seen it, you will be telling your colleagues and friends to go check it out.

Vuvuvultures – I’ll Cut You (Official Video) from vuvuvultures on Vimeo.

“I’ll Cut You” is taken from the VVV EP which is out now digitally and on vinyl, which you can buy here.

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