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Jimi Charles Moody – “Turns To Gold”

21 Apr

Jimi Charles Moody

One thing on the Alphabet Bands Bucket List is to hire a Winnebago and drive across the USA. East to West, North to South. We’ll explore everywhere and everything, stopping off at landmarks aplenty, places of historical importance and taking in the local culture and music. As we drive down I65, through Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and the like, “Turns To Gold” is the kind of tune we’d expect to hear.

It brings to mind that kind of road trip where you’d pull off to a dusty old shed-like bar for a beer and a rest. As you drink and recuperate, in the corner is a man, could even be Jimi Charles Moody, playing his guitar and singing his bluesy love songs.

On “Turns To Gold” the piano dances like an eye twinkling with the memory of the one that got away while the riffs grind and growl with regret. It’s cinematic, world-weary but almost upbeat. More languid in style than the dirt-under-the-fingernails stompy-ness of ”The House Of Moody”, it’s more knowing, more lived in.

It’s the kind of sound that steals time from you. We’d sit in that bar listening and all of a sudden hours would have passed by without us realising. All the while Jimi sings, his vocal smooth and welcoming like the cold beer we’ve already had one too many of. This random bar better have a room, looks like we’re here for the night.

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Jimi Charles Moody – “House of Moody”

25 Jan

Jimi Charles Moody

Preconceptions. We all have them, whether intentional or not we all have preconceived ideas about certain people, bands, football teams, TV shows etc etc. It can’t be helped.

For example, if you said to us that Gina G had a new album out, chances are we wouldn’t be that bothered, likewise Pitbull. You could tell us that Pitbull’s new album was actually an experimental jazz-metal fusion concept album about Winnie the Pooh and (when we’d stopped laughing) we still wouldn’t be that interested. Yet these preconceptions can be a real hindrance to our enjoyment of life and music and we should, even for just a minute, try to put them to one side and take a listen to something our unconscious bias may have warned us against. Yes, even that Pitbull concept album.

We mention this because of the new track from Jimi Charles Moody. The “House of Moody” is a dirt under the fingernails bluesy romp that we’ve been really, really enjoying. It’s a rip-snorting, white-suited, standing up at the piano, shot glass in hand, conducting the rawkus high-jinks and frivolity in some grandiose underground speakeasy, king of all it surveys, absolute blast of a song.

Yet if you’d told us before we heard it that Jimi Charles was the alter ego of Harley Sylvester, aka one half of Rizzle Kicks, we may not have given it a chance as their blend of chart friendly pop didn’t really float our boat. More fool us really and with that in mind, we’re going to try and put our preconceptions to one side in the future and just listen. No more unconscious bias, no more unintended musical snobbery and lots of new tunes, regardless of who they are by.

Thank you for opening our eyes Jimi Charles, and for doing it with a barnstorming tune.

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