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In Review: Kat Parsons – It Matters To Me EP

11 Apr

Kat Parsons EP

When she last featured in these digital pages, we noted how Kat Parsons“Love Changes Everything” could easily have come from Disney’s Enchanted. As we listen to her latest EP, It Matters To Me, we are struck by how apt that analogy actually is. Enraptured with the abundant joy of her previous song, we didn’t fully appreciate the flawless sound of her voice.

She sings with crystalline beauty, the kind of warm, clear grace that was favoured for Disney Princesses. Nowhere is this more evident than on emotive ballad, “I Won’t Ask” and EP closer, “One Day” which itself is reminiscent of, though not to be confused with, Snow White’s “Some Day My Prince Will Come”. She truly is the Julie Andrews of indie-pop.

The EP opens with “I’ll Be Here” which is the kind of radio-friendly pop ballad that each one of mainstream’s favourite pop starlets of the last few years would have given a year’s worth of fake tan for. She sings with mournful reminiscence of a love that no longer is, but that will not leave her. A love that waits within her, hoping that distance will once again be nothing and it can flourish again. It’s heartbreak hoping for the impossible, the lingering look, the faintest of straws that are clung to, waiting for a return that might never come.

This kind of emotional pull, this heart wrenching devotion is there throughout the EP, it is a record of orchestral vulnerability and it is gorgeous. “I Won’t Ask” is a lament for her attempts to love again, to move on but she can’t. On the country twinged “Harder Than It Is” she sings, perhaps to herself, about not being able to let go, to move on. Ultimately though, peace is found, her dedication to the past evolves into stoic defiance as “One Day” closes. Sense and understanding will come and she will love anew, true love will come. Her Prince Charming perhaps…

’It Matters To Me’ is out now and available to buy directly from Kat

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Watch: Kat Parsons – “Love Changes Everything”

7 Nov

At this time of year, with the clocks gone back, the rain coming down, the nights drawing in and the frikking freezing reaching parts that generally need to be kept snug and warm at all times, we could do with a bit of bright sunshine as an antidote to the onset of the gloom of winter. Thanks to the indie-pop of Kat Parsons, we can all have some.

Unashamedly chipper and cheerful, her latest single “Love Changes Everything” is like a shot of pure sunshine, straight to the heart. The more cynical amongst us may find its near euphoric and optimistic sound a little jarring but we are not ashamed to say that we got totally caught up in it. It’s a giant Cheshire Cat sized grin of a song.

The video too, which you can see below, is awash with colour and glee (not the TV show). Bold, confident colours fill the screen as Kat and pals dance, sing and smile all over the place. It culminates in a choreographed set-piece reminiscent in style of one from Disney’s Enchanted, it’s just that damn happy. There’s even a kitten in it, winning Kat extra internet points.

“Love Changes Everything” is available as a free download on taken from the Kat Parsons website where you will also find her latest EP, Oh.

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