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21 Apr


Being Norwich based, getting an email from AViVAA threw us somewhat. Initially we wondered what the city’s largest employer wanted to talk to us about. Had they formed a choir and were looking for exposure? Was our writing ability so amazing that they wanted to offer us some special insurance cover in case something ever happened that diminished it? Clearly it was never going to be the latter and whilst the former wasn’t entirely out of the question (we have had some pretty odd emails in our time on the site), it wasn’t actually representatives from the former Norwich Union contacting us at all.

In fact it was an email introducing us to Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter, a pair of 19 year olds from Australia who do a very nice line in muted, distressed electronic pop. The duo has just released their second single, “XX”, and while you may imagine it to be homage to or cover of The XX, the influences and comparisons lay elsewhere. Not that they are hidden, for the band themselves acknowledge the likeness to aspects of the work of Lana Del Ray, and it would be churlish to try and pretend they are not there. But there is a lot more to AViVAA than ‘they sound a bit like Lana’.

They are not as obsessed with ‘vintage’ for example, instead focusing on the sensual and soulful melody. The cool electronica glistens next to the soft and wonderfully lazy beat. It’s a bit like watching an old swinger dancing in his three-piece suit, hat and tie. Shoes polished impeccably, he glides and swirls perfectly with the rhythm, his moves practiced and precise yet unhurried. He dances with grace and elegance, entirely at his own pace but never out of time.

The harmonies are haunting, disarming even and the whole package is one of sublime beauty. It’s delicate, poised and enthralling, a magical and potent elixir that leaves you feeling fuzzy, warm and happy. Aviva’s vocals are sultry and seductive, ”All I know is that I want to kiss you” she whispers as the piano drips notes effortlessly at our feet. She may not be able to deliver on that, but we’ve already been kissed by the melody and it felt so good.

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Reasons to be cheerful, 2012.

1 Jan

Like most sites, we’ve spent a reasonable amount of time looking back at 2011, but, the year is now nothing more than history, like Katy Perry and Russell Brand, it’s done now. Sure we’ll look back with fondness at some parts but there can be no denying that it is over, finito, ended, finished, defunct, obsolete, history.

So goodbye 2011, it was fun while it lasted, but now we look ahead. Like a sea captain gazing out to the horizon, staring out at what lies ahead, and more importantly, what there is to get excited about. Rather than drag out the lame analogies and similes, here is a list of artists we are looking forward to hearing more from in 2012, because people love lists.

  • The Avalanches
  • We could make a joke using their album title, Since I Left You, about how long it’s been but quite frankly, we’re too excited at the prospect of their return to come up with any lame puns.

  • Juan Zelada
  • Juan has come such a long way since we first saw him in Hoxton at the end of 2010 and yet he remains as humble and charming as ever. Look out for our interview with him in the next few days.

  • Conveyor
  • One of our favourite new finds of 2011, their EP was in our Top 5 of the year and we can’t wait for a full length release.

  • Lana Del Rey
  • Hipster backlash be damned, Ms Del Rey has released some fine little pop songs. Will the album live up to the promise of her singles? We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Kites
  • One of the most exciting new bands in the UK right now, hopefully we will get confirmation of a record deal for the guys soon and a full album later in the year.

  • Delphic
  • It’s been two long years since Acolyte but the boys have been talking on Twitter about their new tracks. Come on!

  • SUNBEARS! Vinyl
  • Possibly the most beautiful piece of wax we’ve ever seen.

  • Children of Pop
  • They’ve only released one track so far but it was a doozy.

  • Cutback
  • Norwich’s finest indie-rock trio. They told us last year that there were new tracks in the offing for 2012, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • …Of Diamonds
  • Another band from Norwich, three young ladies making brilliant harmonious synth-pop. We hope to catch them live soon.

  • The Lemonheads
  • Playing Its A Shame About Ray, live, and in full!! Oh yes.

    We can’t wait. Happy New Year everyone.

    Lana Del Rey Announces Album Details

    28 Nov

    Pretty much anything Lana Del Rey says or does results in a thousand new blog posts, or 100 new remixes, so expect the internet to go into meltdown after she swung by French TV recently and gave Taratata exclusive details of what we can expect from her in 2012.

    Her debut album will be titled Born To Die (or Born 2 Die, depending on who you read) and will be available in the UK on 23 January. The album title is also the name of her next single, which she has been performing live recently, footage of which you can see below.

    Initially we were a little bit sceptical of the Del Rey machine but regardless of all the controversy, there can be no denying that she makes delightful, old fashioned pop songs. “Video Games” has become quite the earworm over the last few weeks, hopefully the album will deliver much more of the same.

    Listen: Penguin Prison Remixes Lana Del Ray

    10 Oct

    We discovered the sheer funked out disco joy of Penguin Prison a few weeks back and have been rocking the slap bass out of his self-titled album ever since. Now he has added his name to the legion of artists who are remixing the blogosphere’s latest love/hate figure, Lana Del Ray.

    Check out his groovilicious remix of “Blue Jeans” below and let us know what you think.

    UPDATE: The track is available for free download HERE.

    Listen: Jamie Woon Remixes Lana Del Ray

    6 Oct

    There has been a lot of controversy over Lana Del Ray recently, with a lot of people self-harming because they love how she sounds but hate the fact that she might actually be a manufactured act! So she got in some help with her image, who cares? We are all trying to be a brand of sorts these days anyway. From the biggest corporations, to musicians, to the people like us who write about it; we are all trying to get somewhere doing something we love. She is no different.

    Anyway, regardless of what marketing expertise she has called upon to transition herself from essentially being someone with some songs and a myspace page to the official hottest thing in blogsville, we like her. We like the style of the videos (even if they are rather samey), we like that downtrodden pout she wears and we do like the music she has put online so far.

    We also like remixes, and while Jamie Woon is someone we are yet to fully appreciate, we love his remix of Lana’s “Video Games”. Check it out here and let us know what you think of his dubstep take on the femme fatale of the indie-pop world.