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A Festive Session: Lisa Redford – “I Believe In Father Christmas”

14 Dec

Lisa Redford1

On the off chance you were not aware, Christmas is nearly upon us and being only slightly Grinch like, we wanted to do something to get into the festive spirit. After the beautiful and charming session she did for us at Norwich Sound and Vision we thought there was no-one better to ask to sing a seasonal tune for us than the lovely Lisa Redford. Thankfully she agreed and if you scroll down you’ll find her gorgeous cover of the Greg Lake classic, “I Believe In Father Christmas”, filmed exclusively for us at House Coffee Shop in Norwich (lovely people, lovely food). Before that though, we sat down with Lisa to find out what her own Christmas plans looked like.

As an international jet-setter, she is understandably looking forward to relaxing and spending time with loved ones, ”Last year I was in the States and had quite an unusual Christmas, but this year I am back with my family in Norwich.

“It’s just nice to spend time with the family, and watch loads of movies basically, that’s what I like to do. Just watch one after the other because the days are so dark and long you can just lose yourself in a DVD”.

Not that the break will be nothing but films for Lisa, there will be work going on as well. ”I like this time of year for being creative.

“There’s less distraction, I find I kind of retreat in the Christmas week. Because there’s not really much going on so you can turn it all off and just concentrate on finishing up some songs and things like that really”.

Finally, anyone who wants to buy Lisa a Christmas present should know she isn’t averse to receiving ” the obvious; wine, Chocolates…”, though she has got her sights set on something a little more technological and big. ”Maybe some mic stuff, some good headphones things like that really. I suppose something like an iPad would be great”.

We hope she gets what she wants and look forward to hearing any new material she records over the break. Now though, sit back, relax and enjoy our exclusive session performance of “I Believe In Father Christmas” from Lisa Redford.

You can get a free download of a studio version of the track from Lisa’s SoundCloud page.

Lisa’s latest EP Reminders, recorded in New York City where she is now based, was released this summer and can be bought on iTunes or directly from her bandcamp page.

Stalk Lisa Redford: Website / Facebook / YouTube / SoundCloud /Bandcamp / Twitter

Sounds of the City: Norwich Sound & Vision – Thursday 11 October Review

16 Oct

So here we are, a couple of days removed from what was an incredible three days of new music across numerous venues within this fine city. For the first time, the Norwich Sound & Vision Convention incorporated the John Peel Festival of New Music and with it came a slew of wonderful emerging and established artists, putting on storming set after storming set.

In the coming days we will be sharing a number of interviews we conducted with some of the visiting bands, another session and some thoughts on the festival overall. Today we start our day by day round-up of the music we enjoyed each day, starting with Thursday.

Before we even got to any of the gigs, we spent some time with Lisa Redford to record an acoustic session just before she opened the evening’s festivities. That session is available here for your enjoyment.

Mari Joyce
A hectic evening of multiple venues started off calmly enough with the delicate sounds of Norwich based Mari Joyce. Performing in the intimate setting of the Bicycle Shop she charmed her multi-generational audience with the warmth of her personality and soft, slightly husky vocals.

From the relaxed and gentle we moved immediately to the spiky, kinetic energy of Parakeet who kicked off events on the Artrocker stage. Fuzzy and raw sounds exploded from the three-piece grinding their way out across the room, bombarding the senses of all in attendance. The sound on the vocals wasn’t great, which was a shame as we know Maroki can sing, but that discordance resonated well with the somewhat wild thrash and feel of the performance.

We spoke to Shaun Hencher a couple of hours before his show at the Norwich Arts Centre and he professed to just wanting to have fun. It certainly showed as he leapt and bounced around the stage like a delighted kid on a bouncy castle, the band racing through track after track after track. Interaction was kept to a minimum, he was here to play and that’s exactly what he did. The smooth pop sounds of his latest EP were given a more frenetic, rough and ready flavour and they sounded fantastic.

Sylver Tongue
A late addition to the line-up, Charlotte Hatherley’s latest musical incarnation brought more than a little synth, as well as some slap bass, to the evening at the Arts Centre. Often aloof on stage, Hatherley’s glacial keyboard sounds crept out across the floor, taking her delicious pop hooks with them. If Kylie had gone through her ‘I’m a serious artist’ phase now rather than the in the mid-nineties, this is what she would sound like.

Dam Mantle
The Waterfront Studio played host to the last two shows of the night, the first of which was from Glasgow-based Dam Mantle who let fly with some deep, dark electronica that made your bones quiver. Heads were nodding all around as the rhythm and melodies took hold. Styles were mixed and blended along with the samples and synths in what was a storming set.

Staying at the Waterfront Studio, the unenviable task of following Dam Mantle went to Errors, and they were more than up to it. The three Glasgow lads put on the show of the night and had the delighted crowd roaring their approval and baying for more at the start and end of every track. New tracks or old tracks, it mattered not as the boys brought the house down and closed the first day in perfect fashion.

So that was Thursday, after which we were pretty shattered. Check back in tomorrow to find out how we held up and what got us going again on the Friday evening.

In Session… Lisa Redford – “You Will Know”

14 Oct

So after an amazing three days of music and music chat, Norwich Sound & Vision is over for another year. Over the coming days and weeks we will be looking back at some of the highlights of the highlights and posting interviews we did with a number of bands who passed through the city these past three days.

When deciding where to start, we couldn’t think of anything better than the session we filmed with local lass and internationally renowned Lisa Redford. Described by the legendary Bob Harris at BBC Radio 2 as “one of our finest singer/songwriters”, she has earned acclaim for her heartfelt acoustic music with gorgeous melodies, stunning pure and soulful vocals. Something that really comes through in this video, recorded less than an hour before she opened the NSV Festival, as she performs “You Will Know”, a track from her 2007 album, Lost Again.

Lisa’s latest EP Reminders, recorded in New York City where she is now based, was released this summer and can be bought on iTunes or directly from her bandcamp page.

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