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Lucy Mason – “All You Want”

20 Jan

Lucy Mason

When we last heard from Lucy Mason, her cricket playing compatriots had just humiliated their English counterparts to regain the Ashes. Since then, arguments can be made for whether the England cricket team has got any better (it couldn’t really get worse) but there can be no doubt that Mason has improved.

Her latest offering, “All You Want” is rich, textured and dreamy. If we were directing the video for this (which we’re not, sadly, that would be fun) we’d start it off with Lucy in a grand church or cathedral. We’d have a monochromatic scene of high ceilings and magnificent, intricate architecture to match the rhythms and stillness of the beginning. The camera would then pan out through a stained glass window to a vibrant forest of colourful foliage and creatures as the melody grows and new layers of sound combine with the angelic vocals.

Or, we’d set Lucy in a cage, getting more and more fraught inside as the tension builds in her voice before ultimately breaking free as the “All You Want” draws to a close, ending in a moment of stillness and relief as she stands, liberated from the cage around her, both physical and metaphorical.

If you’re reading Lucy and are yet to come up with an idea for a video, you can have those for free (just stick a mention at the end yeah? Thanks).

In all seriousness, it’s a gorgeous tune full of ornately dancing rhythms and layer upon layer of electronics and vocals that all meld together perfectly. Apparently this is just a demo, if that’s the case then a fully mastered and final version just might knock our socks off.

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Lucy Mason – “White As Snow” & “Coloured Me Perfect” (Premiere)

5 Mar

Lucy Mason

The Ashes may not be as distant a memory as we may like, with the scars of defeat after humiliating defeat still showing on English cricket. We are not ones to hold grudges or dwell on the past though, instead we like to look ahead and focus on the positives and while the cricket may still look pretty ropey, Australia is making amends by giving us Lucy Mason. As far as ‘sorry for destroying you and making you look like utter chumps’ goes, it’s up there with the best.

To be completely accurate, Lucy is not a total newcomer to the UK music world; she has already supported Jamie Cullum and embarked on a 20 date UK University tour, amongst other notable milestones in her fledgling career. She did come over from Australia though, falling in love with the scene in London (at least we can argue we still do that better than the Aussies) and deciding at an early age to make it her home and become a songwriter.

Following on from her debut Empty Your Pockets EP, she is set to release a new five song collection, White As Snow at the end of the month, and today she is sharing the title track as well as a little something extra, just for you dear reader.

“White As Snow” starts with moments of soft drama, a delicate cloud of emotion rumbling overhead, preparing for the onset of a distant storm. Then the pace quickens and the rain comes as the song opens up. It’s richer and more vibrant than before, the cloud bursting with drums, piano and synth sounds tumbling down and drenching us, all the while Lucy’s voice reaches out across the sky, a rainbow of longing and love.

“Coloured Me Perfect”, which we are delighted to be premiering here on Alphabet Bands, is a more delicate affair. Gradual in its build, cooler and more blurred than “…Snow”, its opening chimes like a distant beacon of light, glimmering faintly within the fog. A low mummer gives it a near imperceptible darkness, an atmospheric wintry howl that can almost be missed as it lies beneath everything, a carpet of tension. Once again the vocals are the light, but here their brightness is lessened, entwined within the fog of melody and rhythm rather than breaking out from inside it.

It is quite gorgeous and has even managed to make us forget about the cricket entirely. Almost.

The ‘White As Snow’ EP is due for release on 31 March.

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