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Ang Low – “Voodoo Woman”

5 Mar

Ang Low Voodoo Woman

When we last featured Ang Low just a handful of weeks ago, we noted how in just three fantastic tracks he was already showcasing quite the knack for musical and stylistic experimentation. Then last week, just to back up our point, he posted the final track from his forthcoming Life Goes Down EP and we’ve only just recovered.

He’d shown us R&B infused pop, sweaty sexiness and multi-layered choral vocals draped over evocative synths. None of which prepared us for the frenetic tribal energy of “Voodoo Woman”. It’s animalistic in its swiftness; the echoed vocal is covered in synths, drums and electro pulses like hunting time on the Serengeti. It doesn’t stalk its prey, it full on chases it down, and pelting along knowing full well it has the power and pace to take you down. Slowing only momentarily to restrategise, it whips along again in a blur before grabbing you by the heart and claiming you for its prize.

After four songs, four differing styles and sounds, four pieces of creative and musical fabulousness, Ang Low has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with. We know the EP is fantastic, you know the EP is fantastic, now we just have to wait a bit before we can go and buy it (*checks watch, drums fingers impatiently on the table*).

The ‘Life Goes Down’ EP is due for release on 31 March via Luv Luv Luv Records.

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Ang Low – “Win Back Your Love”

12 Feb

Ang Low Win Back Your Love

Whether there is a hidden PR machine crafting releases and hype behind the scenes or not, we do love it when an artist comes seemingly from nowhere to get us all in a stir. We don’t think there was some cigar chomping Hannibal, smiling and looking smug as the blog world went a bit goo-goo for the initial releases of Brooklyn art student Angelo Whitehead as his musical incarnation, Ang Low, but even if there was, who cares?

First the pop infused R&B sounds of ”Life Goes Down” and then the sweaty sexy sounds of ”Can’t Describe Her” won us all over and got us excited about what was coming next. Evidently they won a few fans at the uber-chic Luv Luv Luv records and what is next is his debut EP, Life Goes Down which they will be releasing on 31 March.

Continuing his experimentation with genre and styles, his new track “Win Back Your Love” is full of textures and rhythmic layers with reverential organ like synth sounds providing a stained-glass window backdrop to his pained and emotive lyrics. It’s an apology in prayer form where vocals heavy with regret, soar. They earn wings of hope and rise up with those cathedral synths to the congregation below, carrying out the gospel that it may be a battle, but love can endure.

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Listen: Violet – “Where The Wild Things Grow”

27 Feb


Ten days ago we heard a new track from Violet and we were just blown away. Why, you may ask, have we not said anything about it sooner then? The answer is simple, we’ve been too busy listening to its magnificence and revelling in its utter gorgeousness. We’ve fallen a little bit in love with it and only now have we composed ourselves sufficiently to take to our keyboard and try to do it justice.

According to Ms Geldof (that’s Pixie btw, it’s her band) on the Violet Facebook page, this version of “Where The Wild Things Grow” is just a “rough demo”. If that is so, then heaven help us when the finished article is released because this is just stunning. Over the course of the last ten days it has woven its way into the very essence of our being, with Pixie’s languid vocals dripping sumptuously over a delicate string arrangement.

If you were so inclined you would say it out-Lana’s Lana, sharing, as it does, very similar sensibilities with the best of Ms Del Rey’s work so far. What we will say is that this is the kind of song that you will find yourself playing again and again. It is not the sort of song you can just hear once and leave, you will keep coming back and before you realise, it’s nearly 30 minutes later and you’ve just played it 5 times, back to back. It’s gorgeous, just gorgeous.

(via Breaking More Waves)

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