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Lyla Foy – ‘Fornever’ Review

1 Apr

“Hello. Are you still there?”

It’s been a few years since last we heard from Lyla Foy and the world has changed a lot since we did. So while she is not exactly checking in and making sure we’re still about with the opening lines to album track, “Baby”, it feels good to be asked.

We are still here and there is something warmly reassuring about having new music from Lyla with us. Over the years she has enchanted us with exquisite swirling soundscapes of deft electronic melodies and swoonsome harmonies. Her latest album Fornever is an elegant evolution, offering nine tracks of similar feeling and beauty.

That is not to say this is more of the same however, far from it. Fornever is as poignant and fragile as the likes of Mirrors the Sky, but Lyla’s sound is evolving. Album opener “Cartoon” and first single “Synergy”, for example, are bathed in a subtle sense of nostalgia. “Cartoon” is a soft, piano led ballad that dissolves into a soft-focus end-of-the-pier-waltz. Meanwhile “Synergy” is sepia-toned optimism, vintage home video smiles in a time of neighborly warmth and street-parties.

Elsewhere, “Tool” showcases Lyla’s mellifluous vocals whilst a piano line cascades like water from a rapidly melting icicle. “Affinity” ebbs gently atop a faded and distressed trip-hop like beat and album closer “Millenium” is a delicious tapas of all that preceded it. Heavenly vocals, warmth, tight skipping beats over light piano lines and warped electronica all pieced together dexterously and artistically. It is a perfect ending to another sublime offering.

That we love “Fornever” shouldn’t be a surprise. Since her Wall days, Lyla has consistently delighted us with her graceful and beguiling music. There is a lightness of touch, even where she moves into heavier lyrical territory. Everything is considered and provides depth and meaning to the composition whilst soothing and calming your very being.

It’s been a while, but it’s great to have Lyla back.

’Fornever’ is out on 2 April and is available to pre-order from Lyla’s Bandcamp page.

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Competition: Win hand-written Lyla Foy lyric sheets.

18 Apr

It’s been an absolute age since we last had a competition on Alphabet Bands but we’ve got something so cool that we couldn’t resist.

Last year Lyla Foy released the UMi EP and we were so enchanted and besotted with it that we named it our EP of the year 2016. Now, for one lucky reader, Lyla has given us a very special prize; a gold pouch containing hand-written lyric sheets for each track on UMi (picture below).

Untitled design (2)

To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, just answer this simple question:

What is UMi an abbreviation of?

Send your answer, along with your name, to alphabetbands@gmail.com with the subject line Lyla Foy Competition.

The competition closes at 23:59 BST, Friday 22 April. The winner will be drawn at random and announced here on 24 April and notified by email.

One entry only per person allowed. Good luck!

UPDATE: The correct answer was Ursa Minor

Congratulations to Jesse Jerazo who wins the lyric sheets.

Keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!

2015 Review: EPs of the Year

4 Jan

Listen Out For... (1)

#1: Lyla Foy – UMi

Lyla Foy

We said when reviewing UMi that we expected it to feature in our end of year lists and so it has come to pass that the lady responsible for our favourite album of 2014, has delivered our favourite EP of 2015. To say we love Lyla Foy is something of an understatement but even we were pleasantly surprised by just how damn beautiful UMi is.

We said at the time that ”listening to Lyla is like looking at a fine piece of art or a stained glass window. You are instantly struck by the beauty and brilliance but you can come to it time and time again and still get lost, still find new details to enchant and enthrall. Here, as well as the details, the six tracks of UMi melt into one great swirling soundscape, all majestic and magnificent like a cosmic wilderness of stars, nebulae and galaxies”.

The whole thing is just divine, completely hypnotically beautiful with its melancholy, its heart and its gooey caramel loveliness. We’ve talked of Lyla’s crystalline vocal countless times before but hers is a voice we never tire of hearing as it drifts out, fragile and delightful at the same time over these wondrous creations of hers.

If you haven’t heard it already, we heartily recommend picking up UMi and letting it wash over you one cold winter’s eve.

Buy Umi from: Lyla’s Bandcamp page.

#2: Rag’N’Bone Man – Disfigured

RagNBone Man

Another voice we could listen to for hours on end belongs to Rory Graham, aka Rag’N’Bone Man. His remarkably rich and raw vocals, that are steeped in soul, hip-hop and gospel influences is just so evocative and emotional that you can’t help but get swept away by it.

His second EP, Disfigured, had an almost evangelical quality to it, heartfelt and emotional, strident and rousing, thought provoking and considered. Yet it is also dark in places, brooding and sullen without ever losing its emotional heart and without ever sounding anything less than superb. His deep, powerful vocal taking you by the hand, leading on to glory one minute and conveying the kind of gravitas and emotion that brings tears to eyes and touches the soul the next. We bloody love it.

Buy Disfigured from: iTunes

#3: Vallis Alps – Vallis Alps

Valis Alps

Almost a year ago to the day, the Australia-America duo of Vallis Alps appeared out of nowhere and blew the blog world away with their debut, self-titled EP. One year on and we are still utterly in love with their gorgeous blend of cool electronics and warm vocals. The wispy melodies swirl delicately over sparse, sometimes kaleidoscopic synth lines and beats as the four tracks entrance and enchant. It’s subtly infectious (“Oh” will have you nodding your head without you even realising) and sublime in its intricate, intelligent and beautiful majesty.

Buy Vallis Alps from: Vallis Alps

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Lyla Foy – UMi (EP Review)

13 Oct

Lyla Foy

Listening to Lyla is like looking at a fine piece of art or a stained glass window. You are instantly struck by the beauty and brilliance but you can come to it time and time again and still get lost, still find new details to enchant and enthrall. Here, as well as the details, the six tracks of UMi melt into one great swirling soundscape, all majestic and magnificent like a cosmic wilderness of stars, nebulae and galaxies.

Given that the debut full length release from Lyla Foy topped our album of the year list for 2014, any follow up was going to be met with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Mirrors The Sky was so sublime, so wonderfully mesmeric and enchanting a listen, that maintaining those standards would surely be a challenge. When she shared “Beginning It All Again” a few weeks ago, all sense of trepidation washed away.

The lead single from her new EP, UMi, “Beginning It All Again” is like melted caramel, swirling enticingly, waiting for an apple to be dipped into its gooey goodness. The rest of the EP is equally gorgeous.

It’s heavy with emotion, a beautiful melancholy that wisps along like mist over a graveyard, especially on “Tiger” with its soft, ghoulish ebb and halloweeny flow. Here Lyla’s crystalline vocal feels laden with remorse as Lucy shines in the sky no more and instead is trapped in reality dreaming of an Alice like adventure once more into wonderland.

It’s haunting and gorgeous, like UMi itself in fact. Expect this to feature highly on our end of year list as well.

The ‘UMi’ EP is out now and available to buy from Lyla’s Bandcamp page.

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Lyla Foy – “Beginning It All Again”

2 Sep

Lyla Foy

It is only the second day of September yet the summer feels like something of a distant memory. Nighttime is drawing in ever earlier and those brief flashes of brightness and warmth have been washed away by an incessant drizzle. It may seem glum as we sit bathed in bleakness from outside, an entire rhythm section of raindrops playing their cacophonous composition against our window, yet inside we are smiling and content.

The reason for our happiness is that this is the perfect time of year to listen to Lyla Foy’s swirling, crystalline vocals and light dreamy melodies and wonderfully, she has just released a new track online. Even better, it is the first track to be taken from her new EP (out in October).

Following on from Mirrors The Sky (which was our album of the year last year) UMi will, we’re told, act as a counterpoint to the daylight of her debut album and reflect the nighttime. We can’t yet speak to the rest of the EP, but “Beginning It All Again” definitely has a moonlit mountain road quality to it.

The melody glides like shadowy silhouettes silently sweeping across the landscape while the vocals drift and gleam delicately as distant stars. A misty cloud of milky way beauty in the sky, it mesmerises and enchants the listener with its subtle but magnificent beauty.

Summer is over and the nights are creeping in, embrace it for Lyla Foy is here to make it all sound gorgeous.

”Beginning It All Again” is the first track from Lyla’s forthcoming EP, ‘UMi’ which is due out on 2 October. The EP can be pre-ordered here and comes with an instant download of “Beginning It All Again”. Alternatively, you can pre-order the limited edition vinyl edition from Rough Trade. Or do both.

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