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Free Download: Waylayers – “Magnets” Jack Robert Hardman Remix

10 Sep


Regular readers will know that we are big fans of Waylayers, a band we think is one the of the best new synth-pop-combo’s out there right now, and the multi-talented Jack Robert Hardman, who is not only our ’H’ band but was also responsible for one of our favourite albums of last year.

Why are we telling you this?

Because they recently joined forces (sort of) and the result is utterly fantastic.

It was almost a year ago when Waylayer’s dropped the wonderfully huge and atmospheric ”Magnets” with its vast synths and laser guided electronic sounds sprawling out across the sky like the legion of ball-bearings in the accompanying video. Now, Jack has provided a remix and, while it too is vast, it is in a completely different manner.

The original was soaring and full of energy but Jack has managed to break down its constituent parts and create something much more sedate and magical. Here the epic nature comes from the beautiful, glacial solitude it conveys. Like you’re lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the infinite whiteness of the ice and snow around you as the vocals whisper in your ear like the breeze brushing past and the piano clinks like icicles falling to the ground.

Get your free download from the player below and prepare to be transported to the Arctic wastelands. Pack your winter clothes.

Waylayers’ latest EP, ‘Fault Lines’, is out now and available to buy digitally. Jack Robert Hardman’s eponymous debut album is also out now and available to buy from iTunes.

Stalk Waylayers: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

Stalk Jack Robert Hardman: Website / Facebook / Twitter

2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Waylayers

20 Nov

Like our first band to Listen Out For in 2013 yesterday, 2012 was a quiet one for Waylayers, with just the one single out this year, “Magnets” – due on November 26. The guys have largely been locked away writing or out touring the length and breadth of Europe, honing their craft and preparing for world domination* in 2013.

The buzz is already there, all the way back in 2010 they had a track, “Fires”, featured on the glacialy-cool Kitsuné label and each time they drop a new track the buzz blogs and online critics (and us) gush and get all googly about it. Not surprising considering they’re blessed with the ability to write BIG synth melodies and huge soaring choruses, such as those found on “Magnets”. They have a sound that blends underground cool with mainstream popularity and with singer Harry’s Chris Martin-like vocals, you could argue this is what Coldplay would sound like if they weren’t so set on curing insomnia.

We like to think of their time away as akin to Bruce Wayne going off for years to study and train, ready to become the Batman. Will 2013 see Waylayers evolve into a fully-fledged, arse kicking indie-dance combo? We certainly hope so, if they can be more prolific with their releases there is no reason they shouldn’t explode and become as big as their choruses.

* Raising their profile further and releasing acclaimed and popular tracks. We know that Harry is very Magneto in the video for “Magnets”, but we don’t think he wants to rule the world. Yet.

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Read More: Watch: Waylayers-“Magnets”

Watch: Waylayers – “Magnets”

2 Nov

It’s hard to believe it has been over a year since we last wrote about one of our tips for the future, Waylayers. In our defence it is partly because the guys have largely been locked away writing or out touring the length and breadth of Europe, but they are back now and we are pleased to be writing about them again today.

Out on November 26, “Magnets” is the new single from the East London trio and features their trademark soaring sounds and precision synths, just turned up to 11. It’s a big, stadium filling track that sounds bang up to date and retro at the same time. It’s the kind of song that wants to fly out across the wide fields of a festival as crowds sing it back, “We have/grown up/finding magnets in us”. We absolutely love it.

The video, which you can see below, features singer Harry controlling an ever increasing number of ball-bearings as they float around him, his flat and then the London skyline. It looks beautiful.

Being advocates of fairness, we thought it only right that, as Harry gets to channel his inner Magneto in the video, that we give the other Waylayers the chance to say which X-Man they would be. Joe (guitarist) told us that he would be Colossus, because of his superhuman strength, and Dave (bassist) said he would be… The Gingerbread Man, which tells us so much more about him than we thought we’d asked.

“Magnets” is released digitally on 26th November via Insomnia.

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