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Ho Ho Holy Crap It’s Almost Christmas…

24 Dec


Goodness, 2013 has flown by and here we are, what feels like just moments after the summer ended, on the cusp of Christmas and then the New Year. As is customary at this time of year, the festive songs are everywhere and for today Alphabet Bands will be no different.

If you’ve been reading Breaking More Waves these past two days, you’ll know that the big man himself has been in residence, effing and blinding and drinking all the whiskey. Due to contractual restrictions, Santa is unable to make an appearance here as well but that doesn’t matter as we managed to have a good rummage in his record box while his back was turned (chatting up one of the lady elves he was) and grabbed a few tunes for your enjoyment.

We’ll be back after Christmas with more of the best new music and probably some sort of look back over the year, talking about our 2013 and the like. For now though, enjoy the songs, both old and new (and especially the Christmas jumpers from the Air Marshall Landing guys) and have a wonderful few days with family and friends.

Us Baby Bear Bones – “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

Port Isla – “Snowfall”

Mahoney and the Moment – “Call Me Back (I’ll Wait Til Christmas)”

Air Marshall Landing – “A Holly Jolly Christmas”

Maps – “Merry Christmas (My Friend)”

Will Bloomfield – “Tower Breakers (Christmas)”

Strangers – “This Year (Christmas Song)”

George Ezra – “Let It Snow”

Heart of a Dog – “Railroad Man”

Lisa Redford – “I Believe In Father Christmas”

Merry Christmas everyone, see you on the other side when our belly will be bulging and our blood type will be Rum.

What have you done for me lately? Alphabet Bands Update September 2012

21 Sep

This week has been all about the latest addition to our Alphabet Bands family, Mahoney & The Moment, with a feature and two sessions posted on the site in the last few days. That doesn’t mean that we have fallen out of love with our other featured artists, far from it in fact. So we thought, why not catch up with them all and find out what they have been up to? So here we are, all the latest updates from our Alphabet Bands.

And the Giraffe
Josh and Nick haven’t let their long distance musical relationship prevent them from building on their excellent debut album, Something for Someone. The clan has grown as well, with two new members (Malcolm Martin and Robert Edmonson) joining the band and together they have been pulling album number two together. Recorded in Josh’s basement, friend’s houses and various studios in Nashville, Tennessee over two months, Creature Collector is due out on 2 November. We’ll have new tracks from the band for you as soon as we get them.

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Rebecca Brandt
A recent addition to the family, composer/pianist Rebecca Brandt has already released her album Number & Shapes but that isn’t going to stop her having a CD launch show. Should you be in the Brooklyn area tonight (21 September) then head on down to Galapagos and indulge in some ”soaring cinematic soundscapes, delicate piano melodies and percussion that will get under your skin”.

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Things have been a little quiet for the Norwich rockers of late. They’ve had a couple of gigs in and around the city recently, but we are hoping to hear some new material soon.

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Jack Robert Hardman
Jack’s eponymous debut album came out earlier this year and as well as getting some good radio play recently, he also took his show on the road for a BBC Introducing gig in August. At the moment, he is giving away a free track to new mailing list subscribers (click here if you are interested) and, we hope, prepping for some more gigs later in the year.

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Look, Stranger!
As well as providing us with an exclusive remix of the latest single from stablemates (and perennial Alphabet Bands favourite) Kites (which you can stream below), the guys are getting ready to release their new single “Ithaca” in October. They are also hosting their latest Stranger Danger evening at 93 Feet East in London tonight (21 September) and touring the country over the coming weeks,

Tour Dates:
21 – 93 Feet East – LONDON
25 – King’s College University – LONDON
27 – Christ Church University – CANTERBURY
28 – University of Wales – CARMARTHEN
30 – University of Glamorgan – GLAMORGAN

06 – O2 Academy – BIRMINGHAM
12 – The Hub – DARLINGTON
14 – The Wheelbarrow – LONDON
20 – Oxjam Festival – LONDON (Details soon)

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Mahoney and the Moment
Emily and Steve will be working on their second album this autumn, as well as taking their new full band line-up out on the road.

Tour Dates:
22 – The Three Wishes, Harrow

12 – The Albion, London
21 – Old Queen’s Head, London

1 – Ort Cafe, Birmingham
4 – Stamps Bar, Liverpool
17 – The Drawing Room, Chesham

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…Of Diamonds
The girls have been busy releasing a couple of new videos in the last few weeks, check them out below.

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Polaroid 85
The seven piece orchestral electronic ensemble that blew our tiny little mind earlier this year have a few shows lined up, starting tonight (21 September). London residents are strongly encouraged to get to Elysian Project in Islington for what promises to be a great night.

Tour Dates:
21 – Elysian Project, Islington, London
28 – Hootananny, Brixton, London

26 – The Blind Tiger, Brighton

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Supporting and remixing Little Boots was just a couple of things that have been keeping the wonderful Ronika busy over the last few months. She’s been playing some shows as well, the next one is in Warsaw tomorrow night (22 September).

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The last six months have seen something of a change in lifestyle for our sunny chums with the arrival of a little Suncub. The new baby didn’t prevent the gang from performing live on TV last month as well as doing a few gigs. We hope the little Suncub is sleeping through!

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Juan Zelada
Our favourite Spanish smoothie has been a busy bee over the summer, appearing at countless festivals and releasing a new video “Open My Eyes” in August (which you can watch below). He’s also off on another UK tour this winter.

Tour Dates.
19 – O2 Academy, Birmingham
20 – The Harley, Sheffield
21 – The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne
22 – Brudenell Social Club
23 – King Tuts, Glasgow
24 – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
26 – Louisiana, Bristol
27 – The Jericho, Oxford
28 – Komedia, Brighton
29 – Scala, London

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So that’s the latest from our Alphabet Bands, f you want to, you can follow all of them on Twitter using this handy list we made.

As you can see we still have a few letters left to fill. Which letter would you like to see featured next and do you have any suggestions for who you would like us to profile? Let us know below and we’ll take a listen.

In Session… Mahoney & the Moment – “Never Enough”

20 Sep

Yesterday we brought you the first of our two sessions from our latest Alphabet Band, the wonderful Mahoney & The Moment. As we saw, they were battling with noise as they performed “Come Back For More” but in this session, it is the weather that wanted to get involved. Thankfully, Hyde Park is full of trees so the pair was able to take shelter and perform a second song for us, this is “Never Enough”.

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‘M’ is for Mahoney & the Moment

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In Session… Mahoney & the Moment – “Come Back for More”

19 Sep

As well as bringing us beguiling and enthralling folk-pop, Mahoney & The Moment are bringing us some firsts for the Alphabet Bands list. The duo is the first to throw some alliteration into the mix and is also the first of our featured bands to film a session for us.

Recorded in Hyde Park one Sunday morning in the midst of Olympic fever, what we all expected to be a bright and glorious day soon turned into something of a farce as first the rain, then helicopters, a large group of South American students and the wind all conspired against us. In this first session, Emily and Steve took advantage of a momentary break in the weather and fought to be heard above the aforementioned students who all stopped to watch, no fewer than three helicopters who all hovered above as they performed “Come Back For More” and a bunch of seagulls who wanted to sing along. Listen out for the lovely little Beatles reference in the middle.

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‘M’ is for Mahoney & the Moment

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‘M’ is for Mahoney & the Moment

18 Sep

In what is a first for our ever growing list of wonderful Alphabet Bands, we indulge in a little alliteration with our latest entry. We have come to know them colloquially within the office as M&M, though they resemble neither chocolate treats nor a bleach blonde rapper, Mahoney & the Moment are actually a melodic folk duo hailing from both New York and London.

Emily Moment (New York) met Steve Mahoney (London) in the Big Apple back in 2011 when she entered a folk and bluegrass competition he had organised. ”I won the competition”, Emily explained to us. ”we had a discussion, he was almost finishing his album ‘When You Least Expect’ and he said ‘you know I really need a girl’s voice on a certain song, I think I wanna try something’”. That impromptu recording session led to some live performances together, working together on each other’s solo stuff, and eventually, organically, the band came together.

The result is some of the most charming folk-pop we’ve ever heard. It radiates a warmth and compassion like a mother’s hug, sweeping you up into its arms. Emily is blessed with a voice that could light up a room and Steve’s isn’t too shabby either. On their eponymous album, lead vocals are alternated between the two, an approach born out of their song writing style so far.

Having worked as solo artists before joining forces, the pair both brought quite a bit of material with them which the other has been able to help refine. Old tracks have been dusted off and given new life, Emily adding piano and harmony to a song Steve wrote five years previously for example. With the wealth of material they had to work from, their initial process has effectively been to compliment and flesh out what they each had. It’s an approach that both feel has worked so far and helped keep them moving forward. Emily confesses that working as a solo artist can be boring while Steve enjoys the diversity the pairing has brought to each other’s sound. ”My songs are quite poppy and folky”, he tell us, ”and Emily’s are a bit more stylish, a bit more cool”.

There is no sense of a disconnection within the album though, the coming together of two differing musical styles hasn’t proved difficult for the listener, and if anything it has resulted in an extremely cohesive sound. The tracks flow smoothly from one to another, like lovers finishing one another’s sentences. Moving forward, they say, the writing is also becoming a little more collective, Emily giving lyrical input to compositions, Steve finessing structure, the pair trading verses as new material comes together.

The sound too could well be getting a little bigger, when we meet in the shadow of the giant TV screens in Hyde Park just as the Olympic hullaballoo was about to explode across the nation, they are due to meet with some potential new band members in the afternoon. Indeed since we spoke, a new drummer and bassist have been recruited and a handful of shows have been played as a full band. It’s something they had in New York and were keen to recreate now they are based in London, especially as they plan to take the Mahoney & The Moment show on the road soon and show Emily what the north of England looks like. She’s excited and so are we as we know just how good the two of them are on their own. Tomorrow you can see the first of two tracks the pair very kindly performed in session for us, amongst the rain and the students in Hyde Park.

Mahoney & The Moment, the band’s album, is available now from their Bandcamp page either digitally or on CD in the excitedly named, Party Bag Edition.

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