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Jagaara – “Marble Arch”

5 Aug


A couple of weeks ago, as our extended blog break drew to an end; we spent a very pleasant 30 minutes or so in a tent in the woods with three sisters. As if that didn’t sound lurid enough, we were joined by about 80-100 other like minded souls, also enjoying the company of said three sisters. Whilst this may sound like the premise of a Confessions of a music blogger movie, it was actually a much more refined and cultured experience as we watched Jane, Ruth and Cat of Jagaara enrapture their audience at Latitude and draw an ovation that befits more seasoned artists playing much bigger stages.

Having previously recorded and performed, including a residency at Ronnie Scott’s according to the internet, as The Edmonsons (which we have all presumed to be their surname), the sisters have recently sent hearts a fluttering by posting a handful of unmastered demos on soundcloud. Their latest is the divine pop-rock sound of “Marble Arch”. The harmonies, emotion and pain are each entwined with first delicate then powerfully distressed arrangements. It’s wrought with a fist pounding frustration that will stir emotions within and no doubt cause more than a light belt-out-the-chorus-when –you-think-no-one-is-around moment here and there.

Take a listen below and, as you sit back and think to yourself ‘damn, this is really good’, consider the fact that they are even better live, especially in a tent in the woods with 80-100 strangers.

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