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Melis – “Love Song Idea”

24 Apr

We’ve all been there, hours and hours spent on a piece of work and then boom, the computer crashes, we hadn’t pressed save and the whole thing is lost. Losing a draft of a post or something very important for the day job can be maddening and result in a multitude of expletives being uttered. We can’t begin to imagine how devastating it must be to pour your heart and soul into a piece of music, only to lose practically everything through a catastrophic hard drive malfunction. This is exactly what happened to Melis though and while we expect there was many a creative use of profanity, she has (thankfully) dusted herself down and moved on.

Left with only the stems of her track, “Love Song”, Melis has not so much salvaged something, more delicately crafted and polished a thing of beauty. The original track may not remain but the concept around it does and that is what she has given us, a “Love Song Idea”. It’s an idea that is ethereal and haunting in its simple, elegant and enchanting way.

It’s the kind of song that commands silence and rapt attention from an audience. We can imagine it being played in a church, reverence being paid by her audience as Melis’ jewellery box vocal floats and drifts above the candle light to the spire above. There are flourishes within, delightful fleeting flourishes, that bring a smile to your face as you listen. The soft-focus sax line is a particular favourite for example.

Primarily though, this is a song of poignancy and beauty. There is space in the track for the emotion behind it to resonate and crack with the burden of realisation. It’s the kind of song that ends with a bowed head and a single tear. It is just gorgeous.

There are whisperings of an EP to be released later in the year and as an introduction, this is a truly wonderful idea.

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Iyes – “Toys”

2 May

Iyes - Toys

This post contains a tenuous connection for no good reason
Warning ends.

Just a few days ago, when discussing the matchmaking charms of the new Lovestarrs video, we referenced Jane Austen’s Emma and Cher Horowitz from Clueless as examples of cupid like people. We almost included Blind Date’s Cilla Black, but we chose not to. Now though that looks like a massive oversight as we could have gone with the whole Surprise Surprise angle today in response to Iyes out of the blue posting of a new demo last night.

But we didn’t, so we can’t.


Still, while we can’t reference one part of 80’s pop culture, we can point to another as “Toys” features what sounds like some distinctly Commodore 64 like computer game glitchiness, as well as smoky vocals from both Josh and Melis. Indeed, their vocals entwine like undulating bodies as the crisp beat crashes like a caught breath in a moment of passion. While previous track ”Breathe” was soft and sensual, “Toys” is surprisingly sultry and very sexy. They even pause for a moment of heavy breathing for goodness sake, before the melody slinks back along like some kind of electronica temptress, all seductive and irresistible.

We just checked under our collar, it’s pretty hot in there.

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Listen: IYES – “Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)”

23 Dec

Iyes - Crazy In Love

Now that our end of year list-o-mania is done, (2014 Previews, Tracks, EPs and Albums of the Year – should you be interested) it’s time for us to get back to regular-ish blogging. As well as a few festive favourites, we’ll take a look over the next week or so at some tracks and videos etc that we didn’t get round to posting whilst listing up a storm or for whatever reason in recent weeks. First up is a little something from one of our new favourite bands and a tip for next year.

Just recently, Friday the 13th proved unlucky for anyone who had planned to release or promote anything and for end of year list makers the world over. That morning, with no prior announcement or even inkling that something was afoot, Beyoncé dropped a brand new album and collection of accompanying videos on iTunes. It was all anyone was talking about as people rushed to buy, listen and offer an opinion in double-quick time.

Lost amongst this melee though was another Beyoncé related release and one that excited us even more than the prospect of a new Queen Bey album. Brighton’s IYES had covered her debut solo hit, “Crazy In Love”, posted it online and, and this is the most important part, it was excellent.

Suitably muted and laid back, it put us in mind of the Barefoot cover of “Born Slippy” from a few years back which completely turned the bombasticity of the original on its head. This does the same. The in-your-face energy and vibrancy of Beyoncé has been replaced by Melis’ glacial vocal and a 3am in the back room of a club, low lighting, low ceilings and bean bags kind of vibe. It is chilled out and gorgeous. The piano intro melts a doorway into the vast wall of ice that itself reveals a cool world of languid beats and glistening droplets of electronica, dripping gently into a pool of hushed melody. It’s a wonderfully different cover of a classic pop song and we, like so many others, love it.

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Listen: IYES – “’Til Infinity”

5 Nov

Iyes - Til Infinity

IYES play electronic music, it says so on their Facebook page. Thus far we were taking their word for it* as when we saw them play at the Great Escape festival earlier this year, all their kit fell over and the duo of Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanova played acoustically instead. Now the pair is set to release their debut single, following a couple of demos and much blog and media love earlier this year, and there is no doubting the quality or voltage of their sound.

One year on from Josh and Melis’ first meeting, “’Til Infinity” will mark another milestone as the debut release of newly formed Duly Noted Records. It’s a great choice of tune but we do have to wonder at the thought process of those in charge as surely they are just making a rod for their own backs with a release of this quality. We pity the poor buggers that have to try and follow this.

Starting with a tribal drumbeat that immediately conjures up images of a much more interesting version of “Survivor”, “’Til Infinity” soon branches out into the tropical jungle of electronic hooks, twisting vocals and rasping beats. The mournful lyrics, sensual and heartfelt (“Don’t you doubt my love/coz it lasts til infinity/I will ache and choke/as long as you remember me”) pour from Melis like a waterfall into a warm pool of emotional strength and belief. Joined by Josh’s own hushed vocal contribution, insecurity is washed away and love and resolve are left behind to stride purposefully out of the water, through the jungle and off to take on the world.

*Not really, we had heard and loved their demos as well. We’re mostly not stupid (mostly).

”’Til Infinity” is out on 2 December as the first quarterly release on Duly Noted Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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