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Dano – “Your Love”

12 Jul

Over the last couple of years we have expanded our horizons a little, from being a humble blog to also dabbling in gig promotion and running our own label. It is the latter that has our attention and excitement today as we are delighted to announce the release of a debut track by a very exciting new soulful electro-pop artist, Dano, via our very own Morpheme Records.

Listening to the downtempo beats and rich soulful vocals of “Your Love” you won’t be surprised to learn that her influences include Mary J Blige, Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. There is a fragility and emotion to her lyrics as she recalls a previous relationship, looking back on it with a maturity she admits to lacking at the time.

She is just 20 years old, yet has already managed to undertake a five-year musical journey of sonic experimentation and development as well as gigging everywhere and anywhere to help her confidence. Only now does she feel comfortable enough to share her music with us and what a wonderful starting point she has offered.

A self-taught pianist and singer-songwriter, Dano has teamed up with producer Jack to create a devilishly sinewy and brooding electronic playground for her haunting voice. The beats are hypnotic and the hook is one that’ll creep up on you days later and take over your brain.

It’s dark, emotive and infectious, just the way we like it.

“Your Love” is out now via Morpheme Records and is available to buy on iTunes.

Get to know Dano: Instagram / Twitter


Doing something different: Introducing – Morpheme Records (again)

12 Jan

A couple of years ago, having toyed with an idea for some time, we decided to give in to temptation and start a record label. The label was designed to be about artist development and support more than anything and as such the plan for our artists is to hopefully move quickly on to bigger and better things. We launched Morpheme Records at the start of 2015 with two incredibly talented artists, Harry Edwards and MK Grands, and sure enough it wasn’t long before Harry was snapped up and MK Grands was remixing and guesting for some pretty big and acclaimed acts.

It was always in the back of our mind to restart the label, but we wouldn’t do it just for the sake of it or just with any old artist. It had to be people we loved, were extremely talented and who would continue to get better and better. Enter blog favourite and one of our former “Artists to look out for…”



We first encountered Treasureseason completely by chance when 50% of their number, producer Dave (Powell) worked the door at our Sound & Vision Showcase. We’ve been fans ever since, regularly sharing their tracks and buying their EPs. When the other 50%, Jess (Bartlet) got in touch to ask if we’d be interested in working with them, we knew it was time and Morpheme was alive once more.

Their new EP, X/Y, is out on Thursday 19 January and the first track to be taken from it is “The Rush”.

Deliciously infectious, the pair are embarking on a new synthpop journey with a subtle, dark undercurrent. Intricate melodic lines skip along while Jess’ chilled vocal washes over it. It’s fantastic.

We’ll not go on about it too much as we’re sure you’re keen to get listening yourselves, but it has already had some great write-ups from the likes of The Line of Best Fit (song of the day no less) The Most Radicalist, Earmilk and I Heart Moosiq amongst many others.

”The Rush” is out now and available to buy from iTunes. Treasureseason’s new EP ‘X/Y” will be released on 19 January.

Get to know Treasureseason:Facebook / Twitter

Doing something different: Introducing – Morpheme Records

5 Jan

Morpheme cropped

For quite some time now we’ve had a hankering for something, an eagerness to do something more than just write about music but to support bands in other ways. We’ve dabbled with gig promotion but the one thing that we always thought we be a lot of fun and exciting, would be to set up a record label. It’s an idea we’ve played around with for quite some time if we’re honest but it was only late last year when we finally thought, ‘yeah, let’s do it’.

And so Morpheme Records is born.

We want to use it to support artists we love beyond just posting about them and getting them on to Hype Machine. So it stands to reason that our first artist is one we have loved and supported for a while now (and it helps that he’s a local lad) Harry Edwards. We first encountered Harry in the summer of 2013 and by the autumn we’d played him on Amazing Radio and asked him to play our stage at Norwich Sound & Vision festival. He told us his live set up needed more work before he could join us but then, about a year later, we saw his first ever gig and were even more blown away. It was then that we knew the label was on the way and that Harry would be our first artist.

Harry Edwards

His most recent release, and the first to be taken from his forthcoming EP, “Almost Everybody” (stream below) is a fascinating and exciting amalgamation of styles and genres. It moves like a dream, effortlessly from one seemingly unconnected place to another, soulful electronica bleeds into dark hip-hop beats, to sparse galaxial synths and on to sharp, spikey judders of sound, back to hip hop all the time slipping in momentary glimpses of a fragile piano ballad.

Musical experimentation is something he excels at. Previous tracks include the superb ”Lesser”, which sounds like the biologically impossible progeny of a glorious one night ménage á trois between Frank Ocean, James Blake and Justin Timberlake is dark and hypnotic, music for the late night and the underground club where the magic happens. He’s also released the gloriously atmospheric and soft ”The Only Thing You See” which was featured as Lauren Laverne’s Headphone Moment recently.


For our second artist we went a little bit further afield; well a lot further afield actually, to Australia. Harry introduced us to Sydney based MK Grands and we instantly knew we wanted him to join the fold. Producer – songwriter Dan Cartisano’s brand new track (released today – stream below) “Visionary IX” is a stupefying composition of brooding atmospheric electronica. It begins with very Battlestar Galactica-esque chimes (the new, excellent version) that are echoed throughout. In fact, it’s a bit like walking through the deserted hold of a giant sci-fi spaceship as the melody and crushed digital beats unfurl before you. The synths and electronic cascades and flourishes are like the exploration of this vast deserted craft, all shiny metal and dark shadows.

We’re extremely excited about this new venture and genuinely believe the artists we are working with are exceptional talents. We hope you agree and look forward to sharing the fun of the journey, and some superb new music, with you along the way.


Stalk Harry Edwards: Facebook / Twitter

Stalk MK Grands: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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