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Vérité – “Weekend” (video)

17 Sep


Yesterday we blathered on nonsensically for a bit about the rock is/isn’t dead debate as a crutch to talk about the cracking new Lionface single. In a similar vein, we thought it worth noting that no-one ever really debates the relative alive/deceased status of pop. Not even when the likes of Boyzone and 5ive were doing everything they could to end it as a worthwhile genre. Part of the reason for this is that the definition of pop is fluid, with blurred boundaries that marble in and out of other genres at will. Another reason is that there is always a sensational new pop artist just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.

In recent months the blog world has discovered and enthusiastically embraced Vérité, a New York based pop superstar in the making. Vocally there are shades of Lorde and Lana in there but Vérité is more euphoric, more fantastically danceable and delicious than either. Her latest offering, “Weekend”, was hailed to the rafters on its release last month and now there is an equally wonderful if surprisingly dark video to accompany it.

Listening to “Weekend” without getting your groove on is pretty darn hard, watching Vérité getting her groove on whilst singing makes it all the more difficult and potentially embarrassing when you are sneaking a watch at work in your lunch hour. Thankfully there is a narrative to provide distraction from your compulsion to roll your shoulders and bounce a bit in your chair. It’s boy meets girl meets Fun Bobby episodes of Friends meets Final Destination and it’s excellent.

Oh, and we’re totally stealing ‘you’ve got nice ears’ for future use as well.

”Weekend” is out now and available as a free download from Vérité’s Facebook page.

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TV Girl – “Birds Don’t Sing” (video)

13 Aug

TV Girl

We’re going to share something with you today, something personal and real that some of you may find horrifying and some of you may find hilarious. Those of you who know us here at Alphabet Bands through the site will know much about our musical tastes, that we live in Norwich yet support Southampton FC and that we like to visualise and describe music. You will know that we like puns, making jokes; often use hyperbole like it is our first language and can get drawn into the realm of pretention. You will also know that we are partial to the occasional sexy tune from time to time.

Those of you who know us from our writing will know all this and more, but you probably don’t know that we hate, and indeed are a little afraid of, birds. Specifically pigeons but pretty much any flappy unpredictable creature (insert Boris Johnson joke here) puts us on edge. We don’t like them, we don’t trust them and we’d rather not have anything to do with them thank you all the same.

Now, you may scoff at this but just watch the latest video from TV Girl and you might find yourself thinking differently. Taken from their debut album, French Exit, the promo for “Birds Don’t Sing” features an evil, malevolent parrot who has devilishly dark powers of manipulation and mind control. So evil and malicious is this creature that he could well have been the emperor’s parrot in Return of the Jedi (always off-screen naturally – Polly wanna crush the rebellion?).

”Very few music videos have the ability to spook you to your very core. This is one of those videos”, TV Girl announced on their twitter last night. They are right. Lock your doors and windows, draw the blinds and for God’s sake, if you see a parrot, don’t look at it just turn and run, and pray it doesn’t come after you.

Oh, the song is great by the way, but then you’d expect that because if you know us from reading the site, you will know we love TV Girl. Take a watch (you might want to hold someone’s hand while you do) and then go buy the album, it’s fantastic.

”Birds Don’t Sing” is taken from the excellent debut TV Girl album, ‘French Exit’, which you should buy here now.

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Watch: Summer Camp – “Two Chords”

17 Oct

Summer Camp - Two Chords

When we last checked in with Summer Camp, Elizabeth was regaling us with tales and memories of the tracks of her teens, since then the duo have released their eponymous sophomore album to much critical acclaim and are now visualising the end of the world through TV news. Which, let’s face it, is probably how we will all experience it anyway (not us, we’ll be in our top secret Alphabet Bands bunker eating ice-cream and listening to Now 16 – we really should update the music down there…)

Directed by Chris Boyle, the video for “Two Chords” features Elizabeth and Jeremy in supporting (but crucial) roles as a broken love is re-kindled in the face of Armageddon. It’s true what they say, the imminent destruction of the planet is great for focusing the mind on what is really important in life. Or just having one last moment of pleasure before it all ends… Mind you, the band has said that “Two Chords” is the most personal song on the album so it probably isn’t about the latter.

Like the TV news channels that the video apes, the infinite concentric circles of “Two Chords” is hypnotic. Unlike 99% of TV news, it is also tender and full of heart and emotion, introspection and understanding. It yearns and dreams but accepts the warmth and comfort of reality, no matter what it may look like.

”Two Chords” will be released on 18 November and Summer Camp’s eponymous sophomore album is out now and available to order on a multitude of formats.

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Watch: GEMS – “Pegasus”

4 Mar


You know when you hear something that is just so deeply gorgeous that everything else stops and all you can hear is the song? Yeah, that’s how we felt on Friday night when we had our first exposure to the sound of GEMS and their latest track, “Pegasus”. Aside from wondering how on earth we had failed to hear anything from them before, we were blown away by their simple and atmospheric dream-pop.

Here’s a quick introduction to GEMS and then we’ll get back to espousing hyperbole and gushing about our new favourite band.

The official line: ”GEMS is Clifford John Usher and Lindsay Pitts with additional drums and percussion by Sean McVey. The band formed in 2012 in Washington D.C.”

Yep, that’s it. However, according to the SXSW showcase schedule page for the duo; ”GEMS was born in a hundred-year-old carriage house in Washington D.C. in August of 2012. They recorded their first singles in an empty beach house in October in the Outer Banks, NC before being evacuated due to hurricane Sandy”.

All of which we like to think is very very true.

Back to the music.

“Pegasus” is all shimmery soft, wistful music for a moonlit walk on a beach. Lindsay’s feather-lite vocals drift on the breeze of the delicate, fuzzy synths and faint beats. The occasional ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhhh’s float along like a whisper, sounding delightfully reminiscent of the “thou shall not fall” bits from the theme song from The Lost Boys. That’s probably the most random connection we’ve ever made in a song but it only makes us love it more.

You know what else we love? The video.

Lindsay tells us that they shot it themselves ”using an iphone, some matches, and the light from the setting sun”. Could we be any more in love with them? It’s like they looked up ‘what makes Alphabet Bands tick?’ on Google and ticked off all the boxes. The simple monochromatic video looks exquisite and is the perfect accompaniment to a track that feels like you are listening to it through lace curtains. Take a watch and get lost in their beautiful dark and dreamy pop.

You can catch GEMS live at SXSW with shows currently confirmed for:

Wed. March 13 – Crack in the Road + Disco Naivete
12 noon – 12:30 GEMS @ B D Rileys
204 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas 78701

Fri. March 15 – Gold Robot + Father / Daughter + Small Plates
12:15 – 12:35 GEMS @ The Grackle (outside stage)
1700 E 6th St Austin, TX 78702

Sat. March 16 – Official SXSW Showcase
8:00 – 8:40PM @ Hickory Street
800 Congress Ave

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Watch: Never Mind The Stars – “Keep You For Myself”

28 Feb

Never Mind The Stars

Falling in love is often a gradual process, one that can happen over a period of weeks, months, years; and with music, it can be over repeated listens, time after time. With the video for “Keep You For Myself”, it took us less than its 1minute 48 seconds length.

Featuring a little puppet wolverine (or maybe a fox, we are not entirely sure) being chased by torchlight through a snowy forest, it is remarkably charming and sweet. Little touches like the wolverine (or fox) pausing momentarily to catch its breath as it scampers through the undergrowth and over fallen branches give it a real sense of personality and warmth.

Of course the audio accompaniment plays a big part and the simple, delicate glockenspiel sounding melody is the perfect complement to the tone of the video. As does the soft and endearing vocals and the low atmospheric rumble that sits beneath the whole thing. It is quite lovely and well worth taking 5 minutes out of your day for (so you can watch it twice of course).

Never Mind The Stars is the solo project of Amsterdam based ex-pat Adam Bar Pereg. “Keep You For Myself” is taken from the project’s third album, the Light, which is out now on stfckr rcrds and available to stream or buy.