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Listen: Nicole Atkins – “Red Ropes”

25 Mar

Nicole Atkins

When someone hails from a town called Neptune (New Jersey) there’s an immediate temptation to reach for the big book of puns and flick to the section marked, ‘out of this world’. To do so for Nicole Atkins would be disingenuous for two simple reasons, firstly her music deserves much better than cheap puns and secondly, she and her music are considerably more down to earth.

On her latest track, “Red Ropes”, she flirts with a dark, bluesy pop sound that frankly Lana would have killed for, and that evokes memories of the still-amazing “Goodnight Moon” by Shivaree. It’s a slow burning track, full of gentle drama at first before taking on an altogether more dense and powerful conclusion with the addition of choral backing vocals as Nicole’s soft vocals reach up with increasing force. It is quite cinematic in feel, it has that sort of retro-noir style to it that Tarantino can do so well, suggesting lots of sun-bleached images or a damsel not in distress but with a will of iron and capable of outwitting all around her. The influence of her co-writer, Mr. Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman/The Bad Seeds) is there, it’s dark, raw, honest and powerful. In other words, we love it.

“Red Ropes” is taken from her forthcoming third album, Slow Phaser, and Nicole is currently on tour in the UK supporting Eels.

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