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LIVE BLOG – NME Shockwaves Tour

10 Feb

So, here we are, the Live Blog experiment. Hopefully this goes well and doesn’t just turn into a bunch of incoherent drunken rambling. Also, lets pretend that all spelling and gramatical errors are intentional 🙂

Just like last year the snow is falling and my cab is late, hopefully I won’t miss as much of The Drums as I did of Florence 12 months ago. Damn you snow!

Anyway, on to the show…

So, I didn’t miss as much, I missed more. I missed the whole fucking set! They must’ve started almost as soon as the doors opened. Grrrr.

The Big Pink now, coming out to cyrpess hill. Sweet.
Actually, that’s the high point so far. They’re quite dreary really, like Glasvegas with a DJ. C’mon guys, get the crowd going a bit.

Right, 4 songs in and they’ve just asked the crowd if we’re still here. Dude, doesn’t that tell you something? Grow a fucking personality, and what’s with all this tuneless noise. It’s not a song, it’s not big and it’s not clever.
Ok, so as expected they finished with Big Single(tm) Dominoes, which is so out of keeping with the rest of their stuff. Hey ho, they’re good at what they do, it’s just that what they do isn’t very good. We like their big pink amp though. Sorry.

Bombay Bicycle Club next, to the mosh pit! Do they still call it a mosh pit?

Right, so lesson learnt. Blogging from the mosh pit is not possible.
That was great, Bombay Bicycle Club know how to play live. I now want to buy the album, that’s what it should be about. They hadn’t even started an actual song and they had shat on The Big Pink from a great height. Energetic in performance and songs that was lots of fun. Even the gaggle of 14 year old Danny Dyer and Noel Gallagher wannabees determined to start a fight in the middle (seriously, who throws a shoe?) couldn’t take away from how good that was. From the moment they started Dust on the Ground the crowd was up for it. A surprisingly powerful voice from such a slight singer everything about that set was great. Incidently, the reason the crowd is full of 14 year olds is so Bombay Bicycle Club can get their bassist into the gig. God to see Lil Chris still in work after his solo career tanked.

Forgot to mention, fat kid crowd surfing = v funny.
Maccabees now.

So far so much fun. There’s no denying that these guys are good but, to me, it just all sounds the same. Problem with having such a distinctive voice I guess. Rover and his wife fucking love them though so that’s something I guess 🙂
Seriously though, I do like The Maccabees, lots of energy, lots of fun, good crowd interaction and, according to Rover’s wife, Orlando is actually quite attractive. She has a thing for skinny indie kids. Tells you all you need to know about Rover.
Btw, one of The Maccabees is left handed and wearing a Danger Mouse T-Shirt, how much more indie can you get?
Right, play Latchmere you bastards.

Still no Latchmere but lots, lots of fun. X-ray a highlight so far.

Btw, minor football related digression, Chelsea lost! Oh, and more importantly, re: yesterday – WEM-BER-LEY!

Back to it, so I couldn’t tell you when one song stops and another starts, this is still good. You can see why The Maccabees are indie darlings. This is all good, crowd pleasing stuff; I have both albums but I haven’t enjoyed them as much as this live perfomance.

Into the encore now and still no Latchmere, c’mon guys, don’t disappoint. Yes, Love you better is a good track but I want a song about a wave machine!

Damnit, no Latchmere. Still, lots of fun and I picked up the Bombay Bicycle Club cd cheap from the merch stand and got it signed by the Ginger one, what’s not to love? Anyway, that’s all from me. Sober thoughts tomorrow.
Night all, thanks for being a part of this.

Right, home now. I know I said I’d signed off but whatever. Another enjoyable evening but I’m gutted I missed The Drums as they were the band I was most looking forward to. Still, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Maccabees were both excellent so that more than made up for it and hey, who doesn’t want to own a cd signed by a Ginger? Night all.


Great Videos and February Preview

31 Jan

Yeah so, I’ve been a bit tardy in posting this week. Sorry about that, the real world got in the way somewhat this week. So, to make it up to you lovely people I’ll give you a quick preview of what’s coming up in February and as an extra treat, four of the best videos of all time. OF ALL TIME!

So, February’s going to be pretty packed. At the very least I will endeavour to do the following:

T – These New Puritans, Hidden review.

T – Them Crooked Vultures (eventually).

G – Ellie Goulding (yep, been promising that one for a while too).

CONTRA! – Review and thoughts on Vampire Weekend’s latest masterpiece.

K- Two part piece on Chicago’s finest, Kid Savant.

LIVE BLOG! – Yep, I’m gonna give it a go. Live blog from the NME Shockwaves tour.

Los Campesinos! – Gig Review.

So, that’s the plan for Feb, plus any other stuff that may come up, like taking the piss out of the Brits some more.

Now, on to those top four videos! Enjoy.

Moray McLaren – We Got Time. No special effects or CGI in this, all legit.

Tenacious D – Tribute. Complete with Dave Grohl Demon!

Pop – Pop Goes My Heart. You don’t like it? You’re dead inside, fact.

Hurt – Johnny Cash Version. Great cover, great video.

Hope you like them.

Don’t agree? Feel free to post alternatives in the comments section below.