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Listen: Eye Emma Jedi – “Sin”

17 Jul

What do you get if you combine a Scandinavian country, rawkus indie-pop, probably the best band name you will hear in a long time, “four white nerds and a black guy with an afro”? The answer is not the punchline to a politically incorrect joke but new-ish London via Norway five piece, Eye Emma Jedi (say it out loud, brilliant isn’t it?).

With that laborious introduction done with, we can get on with telling you about the guys and their tune. Originally from Norway, where they had solid success and buckets of radio play, they have bags packed and set course for London from whence they shall release debut UK single “Sin” on 6th August. And quite a hyperactive party number it is too. They may come from Norway but there is something slightly antipodean about the opening guitar lines, we can’t quite put our finger on it but we know we like it. From then on in, it’s frenetic indie-pop a-go-go with full on festival bounceability.

Having previously established themselves at home, they already have a back catalogue to bring forth to our ears and if you click through the ‘stalk’ links below, you’ll find a lot more to get excited about.

“Sin” will be available as a digital download on 6th August through Killing Moon Ltd along with b-side “Crucified”.

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