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What have you done for me lately? Alphabet Bands Update September 2012

21 Sep

This week has been all about the latest addition to our Alphabet Bands family, Mahoney & The Moment, with a feature and two sessions posted on the site in the last few days. That doesn’t mean that we have fallen out of love with our other featured artists, far from it in fact. So we thought, why not catch up with them all and find out what they have been up to? So here we are, all the latest updates from our Alphabet Bands.

And the Giraffe
Josh and Nick haven’t let their long distance musical relationship prevent them from building on their excellent debut album, Something for Someone. The clan has grown as well, with two new members (Malcolm Martin and Robert Edmonson) joining the band and together they have been pulling album number two together. Recorded in Josh’s basement, friend’s houses and various studios in Nashville, Tennessee over two months, Creature Collector is due out on 2 November. We’ll have new tracks from the band for you as soon as we get them.

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Rebecca Brandt
A recent addition to the family, composer/pianist Rebecca Brandt has already released her album Number & Shapes but that isn’t going to stop her having a CD launch show. Should you be in the Brooklyn area tonight (21 September) then head on down to Galapagos and indulge in some ”soaring cinematic soundscapes, delicate piano melodies and percussion that will get under your skin”.

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Things have been a little quiet for the Norwich rockers of late. They’ve had a couple of gigs in and around the city recently, but we are hoping to hear some new material soon.

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Jack Robert Hardman
Jack’s eponymous debut album came out earlier this year and as well as getting some good radio play recently, he also took his show on the road for a BBC Introducing gig in August. At the moment, he is giving away a free track to new mailing list subscribers (click here if you are interested) and, we hope, prepping for some more gigs later in the year.

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Look, Stranger!
As well as providing us with an exclusive remix of the latest single from stablemates (and perennial Alphabet Bands favourite) Kites (which you can stream below), the guys are getting ready to release their new single “Ithaca” in October. They are also hosting their latest Stranger Danger evening at 93 Feet East in London tonight (21 September) and touring the country over the coming weeks,

Tour Dates:
21 – 93 Feet East – LONDON
25 – King’s College University – LONDON
27 – Christ Church University – CANTERBURY
28 – University of Wales – CARMARTHEN
30 – University of Glamorgan – GLAMORGAN

06 – O2 Academy – BIRMINGHAM
12 – The Hub – DARLINGTON
14 – The Wheelbarrow – LONDON
20 – Oxjam Festival – LONDON (Details soon)

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Mahoney and the Moment
Emily and Steve will be working on their second album this autumn, as well as taking their new full band line-up out on the road.

Tour Dates:
22 – The Three Wishes, Harrow

12 – The Albion, London
21 – Old Queen’s Head, London

1 – Ort Cafe, Birmingham
4 – Stamps Bar, Liverpool
17 – The Drawing Room, Chesham

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…Of Diamonds
The girls have been busy releasing a couple of new videos in the last few weeks, check them out below.

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Polaroid 85
The seven piece orchestral electronic ensemble that blew our tiny little mind earlier this year have a few shows lined up, starting tonight (21 September). London residents are strongly encouraged to get to Elysian Project in Islington for what promises to be a great night.

Tour Dates:
21 – Elysian Project, Islington, London
28 – Hootananny, Brixton, London

26 – The Blind Tiger, Brighton

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Supporting and remixing Little Boots was just a couple of things that have been keeping the wonderful Ronika busy over the last few months. She’s been playing some shows as well, the next one is in Warsaw tomorrow night (22 September).

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The last six months have seen something of a change in lifestyle for our sunny chums with the arrival of a little Suncub. The new baby didn’t prevent the gang from performing live on TV last month as well as doing a few gigs. We hope the little Suncub is sleeping through!

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Juan Zelada
Our favourite Spanish smoothie has been a busy bee over the summer, appearing at countless festivals and releasing a new video “Open My Eyes” in August (which you can watch below). He’s also off on another UK tour this winter.

Tour Dates.
19 – O2 Academy, Birmingham
20 – The Harley, Sheffield
21 – The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne
22 – Brudenell Social Club
23 – King Tuts, Glasgow
24 – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
26 – Louisiana, Bristol
27 – The Jericho, Oxford
28 – Komedia, Brighton
29 – Scala, London

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So that’s the latest from our Alphabet Bands, f you want to, you can follow all of them on Twitter using this handy list we made.

As you can see we still have a few letters left to fill. Which letter would you like to see featured next and do you have any suggestions for who you would like us to profile? Let us know below and we’ll take a listen.

Reasons to be cheerful, 2012.

1 Jan

Like most sites, we’ve spent a reasonable amount of time looking back at 2011, but, the year is now nothing more than history, like Katy Perry and Russell Brand, it’s done now. Sure we’ll look back with fondness at some parts but there can be no denying that it is over, finito, ended, finished, defunct, obsolete, history.

So goodbye 2011, it was fun while it lasted, but now we look ahead. Like a sea captain gazing out to the horizon, staring out at what lies ahead, and more importantly, what there is to get excited about. Rather than drag out the lame analogies and similes, here is a list of artists we are looking forward to hearing more from in 2012, because people love lists.

  • The Avalanches
  • We could make a joke using their album title, Since I Left You, about how long it’s been but quite frankly, we’re too excited at the prospect of their return to come up with any lame puns.

  • Juan Zelada
  • Juan has come such a long way since we first saw him in Hoxton at the end of 2010 and yet he remains as humble and charming as ever. Look out for our interview with him in the next few days.

  • Conveyor
  • One of our favourite new finds of 2011, their EP was in our Top 5 of the year and we can’t wait for a full length release.

  • Lana Del Rey
  • Hipster backlash be damned, Ms Del Rey has released some fine little pop songs. Will the album live up to the promise of her singles? We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Kites
  • One of the most exciting new bands in the UK right now, hopefully we will get confirmation of a record deal for the guys soon and a full album later in the year.

  • Delphic
  • It’s been two long years since Acolyte but the boys have been talking on Twitter about their new tracks. Come on!

  • SUNBEARS! Vinyl
  • Possibly the most beautiful piece of wax we’ve ever seen.

  • Children of Pop
  • They’ve only released one track so far but it was a doozy.

  • Cutback
  • Norwich’s finest indie-rock trio. They told us last year that there were new tracks in the offing for 2012, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • …Of Diamonds
  • Another band from Norwich, three young ladies making brilliant harmonious synth-pop. We hope to catch them live soon.

  • The Lemonheads
  • Playing Its A Shame About Ray, live, and in full!! Oh yes.

    We can’t wait. Happy New Year everyone.

    ‘O’ is for: …of Diamonds

    27 Oct

    Norwich is a Fine City with a reputation for producing fine bands, and this year we can add …of Diamonds to the list of burgeoning talent coming out of this rural conurbation.

    For the most part, …of Diamonds are three girls, Natalie (melodica), Vikki (bass) and Kimberly (guitar). Additionally, all the girls sing and play some synths and for live performances are joined by the infamous Boy on Drums while the collective brain power of electro noodlers Mark Neudorf and Paul Sankt (who have recently produced a remix of another Norwich group, Death of Death of Discotheque) provide additional muscle in the studio.

    The alchemic wizardry of this disparate collective has already been compared to the likes of Kraftwerkand certainly there is more than just a smidgen of krautrock in the multifaceted “…of Diamonds Theme”. Lead single “Weirdo” (the video for which is below) is an entirely different matter. A heady mix of electro-pop, pre-Brit-pop indie guitars, three-part harmonies and even the theme song from an anime movie (the excellent My Neighbour Totoro if you were interested); “Weirdo” is as infectious as Ebola, but without any of the debilitating effects.

    In fact, infectious is something that …of Diamonds do very very well indeed, with even the sub-one minute excerpt of demo track, “Frank Said” ingraining its way into our very being.

    Being so new, there’s not much out there about …of Diamonds so we decided to take matters into our own hands and send some questions over for their manager, Mark Wernham to put to the girls on our behalf. The Freudian slips are his own.

    How did you get together? Wasn’t there another version of the band before this one that was in the Future Radio Next Big Thing contest?
    Kim: Before my time. Never heard of them. But seriously, that was a test wasn’t it?
    Vikki: It was a little studio project and I don’t think anyone expected anything to come of it. Someone sent a demo off to that radio competition and it got through, so a line-up had to be put together quickly to play live. Two other girls quit after that, so we got some fresh meat in…
    Kim: Vikki was clearly the best…

    How long have you been performing together?
    Nat: Three weeks?
    Kim: Just under a year.
    Vikki: Has it been that long?
    Kim: In this very room.
    Vikki: We’ve only just done our first gig, but we had to put a lot of work in to get to that.
    Natalie: We’ve got some tweaks to do.

    Who/what are your influences?
    Kim: Frank Zappa.
    Vikki: Kraftwerk.
    Kim: My personal influences, KT Tunstall. but for this band? Kraftwerk.
    Natalie: Paul and Mark like Kraftwerk.

    Who are Paul and Mark?
    Natalie: Paul Sankt and Mark Neudorf. Paul and Mark: it sounds like Bill and Bob the Flowerpot Men.
    Vikki: It sounds nothing like that! What are you talking about?
    Kim: And anyway, it’s Bill and Ben. Paul and Mark do the electronicky things to the songs and produce …of Diamonds while we eat chips and forget to tune our guitars.

    How would you describe your sound?
    Kim: Kraftwerk? They’ve got a ukelele, haven’t they? (Kim picks up a ukelele and starts playing The Model by Kraftwerk)
    Vikki: We got compared to the Ting Tings but I don’t know about that.
    Kim: We’re electro-pop!
    Natalie: We’re not a heavy band. We’re glitzy and gritty.
    Vikki: Guitars meet synthesisers with girlie harmonies and lose!

    You have a Boy on Drums, is he interchangeable with other boys or do you just not like giving your pets names?
    Kim: He’s pretty good. We’ll keep him. He is always Boy on Drums no matter what we do. I don’t know his name.

    What’s a night out with …of Diamonds like?
    Vikki: A night out? We’re always rehearsing!
    Kim: Yeah, two songs in four hours.
    Natalie: We went shopping.
    Vikki: That’s not a night out!
    Kim: That was fun. I did enjoy that.
    Natalie: I want to see Kim drunk.
    Vikki: You don’t want to see me drunk.
    Natalie: I’ve seen you drunk. A night out with us might involve dancing.
    Kim: If by ‘dancing’, you mean ‘moving in a hilarious way’ then yes. And with the occasional floor plant.
    Natalie: Vikki will be on the table dancing before anyone else.
    Vikki: Or on the bar. I don’t mind. I’m not very good at dancing. Natalie’s a let-down. Because she’s a dancer, you think she’s going to go for it, but…
    Natalie: I don’t. When I’m out, I don’t. Unless I’ve had a bit to drink.
    Vikki: And then you fall to the floor and get worried about the police.
    Kim: She’s not even old enough.
    Natalie: Shhhh!
    Kim: It just means we have to buy the drinks for her.
    Vikki: A night out would involve a long time getting ready.
    Natalie: Yes.
    Kim: Fuck you! I’m going to be out before you.

    Your sound isn’t really like anything else in Norwich at the moment. Was this by design or an organic process?
    Kim: Pure accident.
    Natlaie: I hate questions like this!
    Vikki: Well, Paul and Mark had a vision of how they wanted it to sound, and then we…
    Kim: …wrecked it all!

    What other Norwich bands do you like or look up to?
    Vikki: Death of Death of Discotheque. They’re awesome. We like them.
    Kim: The Neutrinos. Although they played in the dark the only time I saw them. Maybe I’ll actually see them play next time. Technically we did a gig in the dark.
    Vikki: Pout At The Devil. They played my birthday party. They’re an 80s joke band.
    Kim: Power To The Devil?
    Vikki: Pout, POUT! At The Devil.
    Natalie: I wasn’t invited.
    Vikki: I didn’t know you then!
    Natalie: You invited my friend.
    Vikki: Well I’m sorry.

    Is there a masterplan for …of Diamonds, if so, how long have you pencilled in for world domination?
    Kim: January 2012. We’re playing the Olympics.
    Vikki: Are we?
    Kim: Yeah. People are going to run around in circles while we’re playing.
    Vikki: Isn’t the world supposed to end in 2012?
    Natalie: December, 2012. We’ve got a year to get somewhere.

    Where will we be able to see/hear you next? (Mark said ‘see stroke see you next’…)
    Kim: Stroke us? You can’t touch, OK?
    Vikki: I don’t mind. As long as it’s an appropriate place.
    Kim: You can see us now.
    Vikki: There are some more gigs in the pipeline.
    Natalie: New songs on the way. They’ll go up on Soundcloud.
    Kim: You [Mark] will be the first to know. Before us, probably.

    Thanks to the girls for taking the time to answer our questions. We look forward to hearing what they have to offer next and will keep you posted about new tracks and upcoming shows (they hope to get a couple more in before the end of the year).
    In the meantime you can download “Weirdo” here.

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