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2014 Preview: Listen Out For #7 – Pawws

3 Dec


A couple of months back, a friend of ours said of Pawws incredibly infectious “Slow Love”, “I can’t decide if it is a guilty pleasure or not”. Our response was simple, “there’s nothing guilty about it [name redacted to protect the mostly innocent], it’s just pure pleasure”.

And that is what the music of Lucy Taylor brings, pleasure. Even when it is the slower, more introspective and contemplative sounds of “Time To Say Goodbye” you are left buoyed by the synths and the confidence within. On “Outside”, despite its melancholic tone and the subject of a failing/filed relationship, the coolness of the delicate pop feels refreshed and optimistic, ready to stand tall and step out into a world of hope and positivity. Surrounded by synths, electronic beats and flourishes, her lyrics are decidedly human and relatable. They stir your heart as well as your feet.

Our love for the music of Pawws was immediate and full on, an infatuation. Her music is instantly accessible and enjoyable with influences from the likes of Robyn, Annie and Madonna and vocals that are beautifully sweet and heartfelt. She can do big vibrant rainbows of sound, all danceable and bright and she can do genteel and calm as well. With any luck, and the support of the cracking ASL Records, she’ll be doing much more of it over the next 12 months and beyond.

”Slow Love” is, alongside “Time To Say Goodbye”, out now on limited to 300 copies 7” vinyl and can be ordered here.

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Listen: Pawws – “Outside”

25 Sep

Pawws Outside

How long ago was July? It feels like no time at all as that was when we (finally) first heard the wonderfully uplifting poptacularness of Pawws and her utterly fantastic ”Slow Love”. Time has flown by since then with the track on repeat and our frantic attempts to work out if we can host a gig and see her perform (without missing any of our acts) at a different venue on the same evening at Norwich Sound and Vision, and now (with that dilemma as yet unresolved) we have more Pawws music to fall in love with.

Vocally Lucy Taylor is sounding quite Madonna-ry and “Outside” sees her embracing a darker side, a beautiful melancholy even. The beat is gentle but unrelenting, like a nagging realisation waiting to burst forth, something you can feel but can’t quite articulate. A heartbeat pulsing softly as the blood of love slowly stops flowing. It’s like watching the midnight of a relationship with perfect star-speckled clarity, there is hope in Taylor’s voice despite the uncertainty of her future, ”Will I ever get love again” she wonders. But in the end, being left on the outside of a dying relationship is better than being trapped on the inside and the coolness of the delicate pop feels refreshed and optimistic, freed at last and able to look in and see all that previously had been hidden.

”Slow Love” (released alongside “Time To Say Goodbye”) is out now on (limited to 300 copies) 7” vinyl single via ASL Records and can be ordered here. Pawws live dates can be found here.

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