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Owl & Penny – “Wild Woods”

4 Jan

Owl and Penny

What with it being a Sunday, no doubt with many of you preparing to return to work tomorrow for the first time since before the festive period and after the rambunctiousness of Horse Party on the site yesterday; we figured you might need something a little more soothing today. So with that in mind we present something delightfully serene from American artist Ryan Osterman, aka Owl & Penny.

It may be winter and all wet, cold and generally bleak, but “Wild Woods” is rich with autumnal colours. The rhythm is a playful scrunching walk through fallen leaves while the melody and distant vocals are all oranges, yellows and browns moulded into a warm forest trail.

Osterman calls it Ghost Folk which is quite an apt and lovely description. That distance in the vocals we mentioned gives it a slightly ethereal feeling, the oohs and harmonies floating spectrally through the trees of his composition. Its organic and dreamy and perfect for a Sunday morning relax.

”Wild Woods” is taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Eidur” which is due for release on 15 January and can be pre-ordered here.

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