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What’s in the Box? – #15

22 Jul

What's In The Box

Earlier this week, we started a quick series of posts designed to catch us up with some of the fantastic tunes we’ve missed in recent weeks and months.
The first five of the (planned) 25 tracks we’ll be looking back at can be found here and the next five, such is the way a series works, can be found after the snazzy line on the page below.


Penny Bridges – “For The Things”

Blessed with a gorgeously delicate voice and unconventional pronunciation, it was no surprise that we fell for Penny Bridges last year. Her distinct style and beautifully layered arrangements are soft and enchanting and her latest, “For The Things”, is no different.

Like a cool breeze on a warm summer’s day, Bridge’s vocals drifts over and soothes what ails you. The piano drips enticingly and the melody floats dreamingly and delicately. It’s beautiful, becalming and wonderful. We could, and have, listen to it for hours.

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Yonaka – “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya”

Look to the absolute opposite end of the spectrum to Penny Bridges and you will find Yonaka.

With its immediate and sprawling intensity, “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” is an attitude fuelled kick to the balls. It has the kind of swagger and brooding coolness that makes kids want to learn guitar and be a rock star. Jesus, it makes us want to learn guitar and be a rock star and we’re [age redacted to protect our own sense of wellbeing] and cursed with stubby fingers! Full of frenetic energy, it’s jump up and down and get entirely lost in the moment brilliant.

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Luca Chesney – “Return”

When we last featured Luca Chesney, the New York based singer was soothing us with the gently beautiful “We Made A Fire”. That was a couple of years ago now and the intervening period has seen Chesney take a turn onto the road marked ‘electronica’.

Her most recent offering from this journey is the wonderfully monochromatic “Return”. A melodic and glitchy piece of electro-pop whose sparseness is perfectly juxtaposed with Chesney’s rich and alluring vocals. As the digital beats spit like a fire in the darkness, the synths purr and growl with a soft vigour to give us something mysterious and magical.

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Painted Heathers – “Party For One”

Having got together in 2015, Norwich based Painted Heathers are now starting to get some well deserved attention thanks to airplay from the likes of Future Radio and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Elastica.

The Elastica nod is especially relevant as they, along with ‘transition period’ Blur (when they began to move away from Madchester and towards what would become brit-pop) appear to be two of the bands biggest influences. “Party For One” for example, showcases the addictiveness of the Frischmann/Matthews guitar sound and effortlessly relatable Albarn vocals. It is a heady wooze of angular mid-nineties riffs and sweet-smoke-thick melodies.

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Ginger and the Ghost – “Kindred Spirits”

If you were to put up a checklist of things that we love to hear in pop music, Australian’s Ginger and the Ghost would hit a fair few of them with their latest, “Kindred Spirits”.

Produced by Avec Sans collaborator, Benbrick (tick) “Kindred Spirits” is a very scandi-pop (tick) song with an undulating melody (tick) that sounds like Robyn (tick) meets Oh Land (tick) meets Niki and the Dove (tick). It reaches up into the sky like a twisted beanstalk of tribal beats (tick) and soaring synths (tick) before swirling and dancing in a kaleidoscope of colour and sound.

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Penny Bridges – “Gratitude”

20 Apr

Penny Bridges

“I know that you’re falling, you’re falling” sings Penny Bridges on “Gratitude”. Her wonderfully unique vocal style and pronunciation winding its way around each word like candy floss twirled on a stick. We know she isn’t singing about us here, we know that the context of the lyric isn’t about how we feel about her music, but it could be as fall we have, hard.

It’s only been a month or so since we first featured the 21 year old midlands based singer but she’s already becoming a firm favourite. Since then she’s gained more, well deserved, recognition for her stop you in your tracks sound and “Gratitude” is another beautiful, emotive record.

Exquisitely layered and arranged, it is subtly cinematic and powerful. It builds delicately, an undercurrent of the dramatic bubbles within, never quite boiling over but simmering with intent. Guitar lines melt into stark, almost harsh beats that are juxtaposed with the warmth of the vocal. Thomas Mellor’s production is deft and intricate while Penny’s words are emotive and evocative and goodness, that voice is just divine.

It’s goosebump inducing and wonderful. We’ve fallen in love with the sound of Penny Bridges, take our word for it, we won’t be the last.

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Penny Bridges – “You Cry Yourself Away”

8 Mar

Penny Bridges

As suckers for fantastic and somewhat idiosyncratic songwriting, offbeat pronunciations and quality production, it is no surprise that Penny Bridges stopped us in our tracks.

Reminiscent of blog favourite Sivu in places, her latest track, “You Cry Yourself Away” is a gentle, marbled swirl of gorgeous melody, vocals and texture. Beginning with an almost choral revenance, her voice is hushed and lullaby like as the guitar and piano lines walk softly, hand in hand in starlit darkness. It is one of those songs that you just have to stop and listen to, again and again. Mellifluous and enchanting with an added sprinkle of quirky (the way she sings children (child-rain) is to die for) it’s one of the most knock you off your seat beautiful things we’ve heard this year.

A 21 year old singer-songwriter from the Midlands, Bridges says she writes from ”all kinds of visual and emotional aspects” then collaborates with producer Thomas Mellor to build up the songs and make them come to life. Taking them off on adventures and down wondrous paths.

As well as “You Cry Yourself Away” she has already shared “Ascendancy” (also streaming below) which was picked up by Amazing Radio on its release last year. There is more to come with some planned genre experimentation and hopefully an EP to follow in the coming months.

Perhaps most wonderfully, she explained to us that she often feels at her most vulnerable yet the most herself while writing and performing. It’s this vulnerability, this openness and emotional honesty that permeates through these musical treasures and makes these divine adventures and oh so beguiling and majestic songs so overwhelmingly gorgeous.

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