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Listen: Version 4 – “La Fin Absolue du Monde”

24 Mar

Over the last few months we have brought to your attention the first ever tracks by new industrial electronica duo, Version 4. Well, the guys are back again and after the cerebral snowball of ”Photograph”, and the high energy banger that was
”Do It Now”, they have once again moved off on a musical tangent.

Their latest track, “La Fin Absolue du Monde” is much more sedate than their previous efforts. It feels more controlled and measured and certainly quieter with a dark and foreboding feel. It puts you in mind of the score for a suspenseful moment in a sci-fi thriller, gradually building the tension as it moves towards denouement.

Its good to see such a young band not afraid to experiment and evolve their sound, we look forward to more in the near future.

You can stream “La Fin Absolue du Monde” below and head to their Soundcloud page to listen again to their previous singles. You can even stalk them just a little bit on their Facebook if you like.

Listen: New Version 4 Track – “Do It Now”

22 Jan

You may or may not recall that back in October, we shared the debut track from Version 4, “Photograph”. At the time, the band promised that follow up track “Do It Now” was on its way and lo and behold, here it is!

Unlike “Photograph”, which very gradually built up from an orchestral jazz influenced base, into slightly foreboding industrial electronica, “Do It Now” is much more upfront about its intentions. Those being, COME ON, GET MOVING! ENERGY IS GREAT! This is 8+ minutes of increasing, drum kit smashing, synth blasting intensity. Like a snowball picking up speed as it pelts down a hill, gathering in more snow (as well as beats, big hair, bigger shoulder pads and Duran Duran), going faster and faster until it becomes an unstoppable juggernaut ploughing through everything in its path until it ultimately crashes into a house or something and explodes everywhere. At least, that’s the PG analogy. The guys themselves clearly thought it was much more adult in its nature, as the inclusion of the unmistakably lusty breathing of a young lady partaking in coitus suggests.

This is a big tune, less cerebral than their debut perhaps but no less impressive. With its 80’s feel and determination to be played loud, “Do It Now” is a beast, and one that you’ll probably need at least three cans of Red Bull to keep up with.

Catch up with Version 4 on Facebook