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Pleasures – “First Love”

31 Mar


We first heard “First Love” a few weeks ago when browsing Hype Machine and meant to post it that night. Being the colander headed boob that we are, we totally forgot and despite constantly thinking to ourselves, we must get round to posting that wonderful Pleasures track, we never got to it. Then, when we did sit down to write we went through that whole, ‘arrgh it’s been a couple of weeks now, will anyone still be interested / have we missed the boat on this?’ angst that bloggers get from time to time. After a few hours of internal wrangling we realised that we were getting nowhere fast and that we still had to get up for work in the morning so wasn’t it really time we went to bed so we lay there awake for a few hours worrying about what needed to be done in the office the next day.

Thankfully, the other night, we went back over songs we’d been planning to write about recently, re-listened to “First Love”, remembered how fantastic it is, remembered we don’t actually care how long after a song has been released its been before we write about it as long as we love it and remembered that actually, we’d been an idiot to even think about not posting.

So here we are, finally.

“First Love” is one of those cracking tunes that sets you up one way, then heads off in the opposite direction leaving you standing there like a lemon but you can’t help but smile. As she starts, LA Based Chelsea Morrisey gives the impression that this will be a sedate trickle of stark and emotive electronica, like a paired down MYPET or similar. It steps tentatively forward, the beat slow and considered before suddenly, ”the beat takes over like a drug”, and we have a soulful, R&B infused piece of retro electropop that will have you shimmying happily and will bring forth that smile we mentioned.

There’s a wonderfully sedate yet neon-y groove to it, a late night euphoria and vulnerability to it that we just adore. We won’t be waiting so long to post her next tune if she keeps them coming like this, that’s for sure.

Via: Kick Kick Snare.