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Pink Gloves – “80s Girls”

27 Jan

Pink Gloves

Given our age and the kind of pop-culture we enjoyed in our youth, and still do today, it is a little surprising that we have never seen the John Hughes classic Pretty In Pink. To be fair there are many films from that era that passed us by (it is a matter of pride that to this day we have never seen Top Gun and we aim to keep it that way) yet as it is referenced by so many different films, shows and bands we love, we really should have sat down and given it a whirl by now.

One guy who has evidently given it more than just the odd whirl is Prague-based Petr Pliska, or Pink Gloves as he is known musically. His latest single, “80s Girls” (appropriately) is about Molly Ringwald and her outfit in said classic movie. Nostalgia is found both lyrically, “Watching a film on my old VHS / There is Molly Ringwald in her garish dress / Watching a film on my old VHS / Just a little piece / Of happiness” he sings, and sonically.

The synthy electro-pop of “80s Girls” is a faded kind of neon, more of a soundtrack to the moment of introspection and self-awareness that is often found in 80s teen dramatic-comedies. Or specifically like that point prior to the epiphany, the solitary walk and mope moment. It’s not euphoric but nor is it melancholic. It’s intoxicatingly warm and affectionate for the past with all the relevant influences referenced and made into something modern and familiar.

”80s Girls” is out now and available to buy on iTines.

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