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Watch: SUNBEARS! – “They Think They’re So Philosophical”

10 Jul

Music videos can be notoriously expensive, complicated and often staged to the point of ridiculousness. Some artists and directors go for the ‘more is more’ school of thought, searching for meaning and depth in extravagant set-pieces and story-lines. Others, eschew this overblown indulgence, concentrate on producing something relatively simple but altogether more interesting, engaging and fun.

Once such act is SUNBEARS! who, with this video for “They Think They’re So Philosophical”, have produced a cute little clip that is highly watchable and enjoying. Note to other bands, all you need is yourselves, a cute girl, some silly string and a sense of humour. It helps when the track is good too.

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‘S’ is for SUNBEARS! / SUNBEARS! Vinyl Brightens Our Day


Sunbears! Vinyl Brightens Our Day

31 Dec

As 2011 draws to a close, Alphabet Band Sunbears! (‘S’, obviously) are already laying claim to having the sexiest piece of wax for the whole of 2012.

The vibrant, psychedelic, electro-indie pair released their debut album, You Will Live Forever, digitally and on CD in November, but on 10 January, the guys go vinyl; and what a piece of vinyl it is. Just take a look, bear witness to its magnificence and revel in its glory.

We just love the multi-coloured, translucent marbled effect and have already put an order in for our copy. This LP is so majestic looking that we would probably even buy it if it was a Bieber album (ok, maybe not) but thankfully the music on it is pretty darn good as well. You can stream the album below to check it out for yourselves, then head over to Synconation to pre-order your copy. You probably won’t find anything sexier to buy for just £18 all year.

‘S’ is for SUNBEARS!

12 Oct

SUNBEARS! – “Little Baby Pines”

We can’t quite remember how we first came across SUNBEARS!, it’s all a bit hazy. Our brains have been befuddled by their psychedelic indie-pop, lost in a blissed out haze of marbled colours, laughter and contentment.

This may all sound like this duo’s formative years were spent living feral with the Care Bears but they are actually from Jacksonville, Florida. These guys are the aural equivalent of popping candy, exploding in your ears with such sonorific delight. We haven’t heard such outright glee in music for far too long, it’s like watching your favourite Saturday morning cartoon as a kid. Unsurprising then that they have previously recorded a song for totally freaking crazy looking US kids show, Yo Gabba Gabba.

They are about to drop their debut album, You Will Live Forever, on 22 Nov but in the meantime you should head over to their Bandcamp page and get their Dream Happy Dreams EP which includes “Little Baby Pines” (stream above) and, incidentally, is worth a great deal more than the $1 minimum payment they are asking for.

Check out the new pied piper inspired video for “Give Love A Try” below and get ready to ride the rainbow.