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Skyes – “Quarks”

21 Jan


Things the new Skyes song “Quarks” could be about.

1) Elementary particles that are a fundamental constituent of matter.
2) A dairy product.
3) Desktop publishing software.
4) Tour operator offering adventure cruises to the North Pole, Arctic and Antarctic on board ice-breakers and ice strengthened vessels.
5) A Ferengi and/or his bar.
6) A TV show about an outer space garbage collector.

We like to think that it is about either of the last two on that list and with its kind of spacey feel, we reckon we could be right.

As it progresses and culminates there is a real driving, forward momentum quality to “Quarks” that could easily be described as like searing through a sonic wormhole. Before that we begin with a comparatively sedate popping of electronics, a kind of gaseous and organic popping that conjures up images of a casual fly by great galaxial nebulas before light speed is reached and time, colours and space all blur into one. The guitars really ramp up the feeling of excitement and energy as the big, 80’s-esque chorus spirals and reaches for the stars and the vocals call out enthusiastically.

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