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Molly Beanland – “Real Life”

17 Mar

Molly Beanland Real Life

When we last featured the really-rather-fun-and-quite-superb Molly Beanland, we wondered if her sounds-very-much-like-an-80s-teen-movie-legend name of hers wasn’t a bit too coincidental and perhaps a little pseudonymous. Having assured us via Twitter that indeed her name is real, we have decided that she must therefore be the improbable love child of the Pet Shop Boys and Little Boots instead (the name will have come from her having been adopted to avoid a pop scandal but her forays into the world of music are the first steps in her search to find her real parents – yeah, yeah, we’ve spent a bit too long thinking about this, we know).

Half baked and unnecessarily melodramatic theories aside…

After the full on rousing John Hughes anthem sounds of ”Night Dreams”, Molly has returned with the less overtly 80s but no less catchy and wonderful “Real Life”.

There is a softness to her vocal, calm like a solitary figure moving normally in a frenetic double-speed world. She stands still amongst a sea of blurred bodies on a dancefloor as the synth lines flash like disco lights, walks slowly as the hustle of the beat pushes past on the street and takes in the world around her, serene and at peace. There are moments, fleeting moments when the world slows to her pace before, eventually, she too is swept up into the swirl of real life, love and a fantastic hook. ”Tonight”, she sings, “we are wild and free” and with that she gives herself to the music and we should just let go and do the same.

”Real Life” is due for release on 7 April and can be pre-ordered from iTunes. The ‘Night Dreams’ EP will be released in May. Before that, you can catch Molly live at London’s Sebright Arms, on Monday 24 March. Tickets are available here.

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