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In Review: Sisterland – Dirty White EP

27 Feb

Ask anyone of a certain age about guitar music from the nineties, and chances are you’ll be treated to a sermon on the merits of Britpop. But before cool Britannia, before Oasis V Blur and 100 sound-a-likes came along, guitar music was quite different. It was much less replete with cockiness and ‘look at me’ sensibilities and much more focused on soft, fuzzy, lo-fi riffs, ground out and awash with reverb.

It is this kind of DIY fuzziness that Leicester based trio, Sisterland have recreated on their new release, the Dirty White EP. To imply it is nothing more than an affectionate jaunt down memory lane is unfair however. The incessant pounding drums and swirling, shoe-gazey vocals inspire more than just nostalgia and a yearning for Doc Martin boots and tie-dyed shirts.

It’s a pacy little thing, the four tracks clocking in at little more than 12 minutes in total and title track, “Dirty White” (which ironically is the most sedate of all) blends in a very modern pop influence and great hook. “Bunny Ears” is the Road Runner track, whipping past at breakneck speed in a thunderclash of drums and bass while closer, “Milk & Honey” swoops down and scoops you up onto a cloud of reverb.

The Dirty White EP is out today via Blessing Force and can be bought digitally or on limited-edition coloured cassettes with screenprinted covers – available here.

You can stream “Dirty White” below and then check out the DIY-riffic video for “Bunny Ears”, complete with the early nineties blue screen effect of random missing limbs and instrument parts.

SISTERLAND – BUNNY EARS from Humez on Vimeo.