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Watch: Public Service Broadcasting – “Night Mail”

28 Sep

PSB Night Mail Video

We’ve already waxed lyrical about Public Service Broadcasting’s forthcoming single, “Night Mail”. Hell, we’ve already and regularly waxed lyrical about Public Service Broadcasting. Their singles, album, live shows etc etc. We are big fans, you already know that, so we won’t bore you by going on and on today about how amazing they are (they’re fantastic!). Instead we will just talk about their brand new video.

New being the operative word as here they are, doing something they haven’t done before. Filmed on location at the Mangapps Railway Museum and directed by Rob Hackett, the video for “Night Mail” features more than just archive footage from the 1936 documentary film of the same name, it also features appearances from Mr J. Willgoose, Esq and Wrigglesworth themselves!

It has to be said, it’s great to see the pair in one of their own videos for once; resplendent in corduroy and looking only slightly frozen (the video was filmed over night after the warm weather had passed, poor sods). It also has to be said that the video really adds something to an already superb tune, especially the way the old footage has been projected on various locations across the museum.

“Night Mail” is probably our favourite tune from their stellar debut album, Inform – Educate – Entertain but these new visuals have added another layer, a greater sense of majesty and reverence for the subject matter perhaps.

Take a watch below and enjoy yet another piece of brilliance from the Public Service Broadcasting guys.

”Night Mail” will be released on various formats on 4 Nov and the duo are also releasing a DVD of the album which will feature all the videos, live performances and extras. You can pre-order the DVD now and the first 200 copies will be signed by the band.

’Inform – Educate – Entertain’ is out now and can be bought digitally here or on CD/Vinyl here.

You can also catch a Public Service Broadcasting live transmission at a venue near you as their
never-ending gig schedule continues.

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