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Horse Party – “Out Of Sight”

3 Jan

Horse Party

The New Year may only be three days old but Suffolk based Alphabet Bands favourites Horse Party aren’t giving it a chance to get settled in its comfy chair and feel all relaxed and chilled out. No, instead they have gone in full bore, grabbed it by the lapels and given it a good old shake while hollering ‘we don’t care how hung-over you are, it’s time to rock!’

Released physically on 23 February, double A side single “Out Of Sight” / “Receiver” was posted online yesterday evening and is more frenetic than any of the newly resolved joggers we’ve seen huffing past our window recently. “Receiver” has that kind of Therapy?-esque vibrancy and frenzy about it while “Out Of Sight” (which you can stream below) just kind of sidles up to you, all low guitar, drums and quiet menace. Then the chorus kicks in and the ante is upped. This isn’t a casual conversation, this is an attitude fuelled, in your face, blast of angular noise. Riffs get grindy, rhythms get crashy and vocals get sneery.

It’s a fantastic, ragged detonation of indie-rock, poor 2015 never stood a chance.

”Out Of Sight” / “Receiver” is due for release on limited edition vinyl via R*E*P*E*A*T Records / Pure Deadly on 23 February. You can pre-order the single here and get an immediate download of both tracks. This will be the only way you can get a download of the song, it will not be released on any other digital platform.

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John J. Presley – “Honeybee”

21 Oct

John J Presley

We did warn you earlier today that we were in the mood for music that grinds and shudders. We’re in the mood for music that straddles the line between unwashed and hobo-chic while totally pulling off the looking and sounding cool thing. We’re in the mood for the kind of music that John J. Presley is giving us with his new single, “Honeybee”.

As any two year old child will tell you, the sound a honeybee makes is ‘buzz’. Yet Presley’s honeybee not only buzzes as the guitars warp and reverberate around the darkened underground room he is no doubt playing in; it bends and distorts, it stomps and smashes and it pretty much rocks our little world.

Honestly, it’s the kind of music that if we could, we’d be playing. We love that twisted, fuzzy guitar sound and the bluesy rhythms and his laconic drawl. Holy cow we love his intonation, the way he draws out ‘delusion’ into a woozy sentence in its own right is just fantastic. There’s a wonderfully hidden poshness buried in those vocals, like Frank’n’Furter rocking some moonshine soaked blues on the karaoke.

We bloody love it.

”Honeybee is out now via Killing Moon records and is available to buy from iTunes.

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Saint Agnes – “Where the Lightning Strikes” (video)

21 Oct

Saint Agnes

For all our love of music that tends to go pop, or whirr with electro hums, gasp with breath like atmospherics or bounce with a thumping bassline, there is a large part of us that cannot live without the angular grind of guitar and the sweaty, dirty howl of blues-driven rock. Which is why, as soon as we heard “Old Bone Rattle” a few months ago, we knew that Saint Agnes was going to be one of those bands that we would be falling in love with. That they have hitched their sail to a fantastically dark and deviant ship helmed by the Energy Snake crew only served to seal the deal.

Following on from the re-release of “Old Bone Rattle” this year, the duo have released the suitably foreboding and twisted “A Beautiful Day For Murder” and have now shared the wonderfully scratched and retro filtered video for the b-side, “Where the Lightning Strikes”.

‘But Mr Alphabet Sir’, we (like to think we) hear you say (and do keep calling us Sir) ‘why are you sharing the b-side? Surely you should focus on the a-side as by definition it is ranked ‘a’ which is clearly better than ‘b’. No?’

Well, small pedantic person who we just conjured up in our mind, no.

Sure we could, but if everyone did exactly what you expected, life would be pretty dull. Also, as good as “A Beautiful Day For Murder” is, and it is very very good (so good we’re streaming that below too), we’re in the mood for something a bit rockier and a bit dirtier. Something covered in the dust of the desert and full of coyote howl harmonicas. We’re in the mood for a track that sidles up next to you in a bar in the old west, drains a whiskey, smiles at you and then starts an almighty bar room brawl just for shits and giggles. We’re in the mood for a track whose rhythm stomps and struts, whose melody embraces the chaotic nature of the universe and that has a grand organ wail that matches its stupendously arrogant and confident attitude.

Yeah, pop is great and all, but today it’s all about the sleazy grind of the blues.

”A Beautiful Day for Murder”, backed with “Where the Lightning Strikes”, is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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Lionface – “Girl”

16 Sep

lionface girl

Depending on who you ask, rock is either dead, alive and kicking, better than ever, on life support, at home eating jelly babies while catching up with The Sopranos (it was always too busy grinding out ear-splitting riffs the first time around to see it but it always wanted to) or out with its mates having a drink and a spliff talking about the good old days man, those good old days. Frankly we couldn’t give a fig (a fig!) about the infernal and endless debate as to rock’s health, be it rude or otherwise. We’d much rather listen to the great music that this generation is making, some of which, rocks.

Take Kat Marsh for example, performing as Lionface (it’s a name, not a condition) she last year released two EPs that were full of aggression and richter scale shaking angular noise that threatened to bring nearby buildings crashing down.

Her sound, as highlighted on new track “Girl”, is frenetic, industrial and rawkus. Like a Steampunk Willy Wonka making music rather than chocolate, she has mixed, sieved, blended and mashed pop, rock, electronica and the avant-garde into a bombastic explosion of colour and sound.

A slow, sinewy electronic opening and soft welcoming vocals is soon cast aside as the volcanic force of the Lionface bursts out from within Kat and “Girl” kicks off. Ka-boom goes the bass as it drops in under the relentless drumbeat, Kat’s vocals increasing in energy and power as it does. Frenzied guitar and synth lines flash as the thundering, shuddering, crashing and smashing of the track escalates into conclusion before dissipating into an exhausted heap of digital satisfaction.

Rock’s not dead people, it’s just evolved. Embrace the change and enjoy.

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Luke De-Sciscio – “Always”

11 Aug

Luke De-Sciscio

Such is the life of a new music blogger and so inundated are we with new music that it is entirely possible to forget where you first heard of an artist or a track. Often you can even think you’ve discovered someone new only to find they have been around for ages doing various things with varying success.

We experienced both of those events with just one artist recently when we started listening to Luke De-Sciscio’s latest tune on Soundcloud. ‘Who is this we have discovered’? we wondered. Only to realise that not only had his label actually sent us the track via Soundcloud, that they had even emailed us two weeks ago about the song and indeed, as a quick Google revealed, Luke has been making and recoding music for a few years now and featured on the odd Hype-Machine registered blog from time to time already.

Like we said, so inundated it’s sometimes hard to keep track.

Still, with Google-fu in full swing we determined the following.

A singer-songwriter of Anglo-Italian descent, De-Sciscio has been a solo artist, been a member of Bath-based indie rock band The Dollrats and then a solo artist once more. He cites Jeff Buckley, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush as influences and last year was invited to play ‘An Evening with Jeff Buckley’ the annual tribute show held at Arlene’s Grocery in New York. His music has (randomly – he didn’t even know it was happening) appeared on Hollyoaks (as more and more up and coming artists appear to do so these days) and is about to release his third EP, Rust.

More importantly though, his new track (and the first to be taken from the upcoming EP) is pretty darn excellent. On “Always” De-Sciscio manages to sound like Morrissey, Sivu and mid-90’s indie rockers Mansun all rolled into one. It’s no small feat and one that works surprisingly well. It rocks gently, swirls lightly and grinds just enough. There’s a subtle sense of urgency within, not tense or stressful, but enough to quicken your pulse a touch. The chorus builds and hurtles along like an outpouring of emotion, the vocals pained and raw as cymbals crash and guitars and strings flurry.

It may not be the most original song you’ll hear this week, but originality is overrated, it’s quality that’s important and this is a cracking tune that is worth checking out.

Luke De-Sciscio’s ‘Rust’ EP is due out on 3 September via Source Mountain Records and is available to pre-order now.

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