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Stalgia – “Rust”

7 Feb


Ordinarily at this time each week we’d be bringing you our weekly What’s In The Box? feature but last night we heard something that we didn’t want to get lost in a round up post, nor did we want to wait until next week to share with you all.

When running back through our emails and checking the ones we’d flagged to follow up on we came across Stalgia. There were no details in the mail beyond the band name and the track title and that was it. There were, to be fair, a couple of first names associated with the email account but nothing to go on really, and as their cover art (black image) suggests, anonymity is something they value. Still, as you will probably recall, we have recently decided to embrace the mystery of bands like this (such is its preponderance these days) and just roll with it all. Besides, band members’ names and identities have never had the same effect on us as the music does so why should we care?

What we do have and what we love, is this debut track, “Rust”. Its muted, intertwining boy girl vocals, foggy electronics and lyrics about a ghost who lives in the dust, give it an other worldly feeling. It’s like a mist enveloped cemetery, moonlit, mysterious and magical. Spectral synths float wraithlike above the solidity of crisp digital beats as those entwining voices whisper and dance their supernatural dance amidst it all. It is calm and unnervingly beautiful, enchanting yet gives you chills.

It’s the first of what we hope will be many more tracks from this shadowy and marvellous new act and it’s also free from the player below.

Young Hunting – “Rust”

9 Jan

Young Hunting

In a little bit of a break from the norm, we’re not posting a new track now. No instead we are posting a song that’s a couple of years old and that actually featured on one of our favourite albums of 2013.

Why, you may ask, as a ‘new music blog’ are we posting it then? Well, it’s in part a bit of a celebration and in part because we’ll take any excuse to post music by the stupendously talented Young Hunting.

The celebration comes from a synch they have achieved (which is weird when you think about the stigma that used to come with having your music on commercials and in film/tv – but that’s another blog post) as their song “Rust” features in the new remake of The Gambler. The band are understandably quite excited, excitement that has no doubt been exacerbated with the knowledge that it appears in a scene where Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman are swearing at each other in a bar, so we thought we’d join in and celebrate with them.

And, as we mentioned, the song is gorgeous and we don’t need much of an invitation to post it. The fact that they have just re-posted it online just gives us an added excuse.

Taken from the sublime Hazel, “Rust” is actually oxymoronic in that rather than flake, decay and ebb away, the track builds and builds. Layer is added to layer as the sounds grow and flourish, getting stronger and richer as it does.

Like much of their work though, the beauty and elegance of the instrumentalism is laced with darkness, as shown by the lyrics…

“Baby don’t be so hard on yourself / It’s not your fault we’re all going to hell / But it’s a long long ride / We’ve got some time / So give me something to remember you by / Because one of these days / You won’t wake up / And I’ll be lying in the grave I’ve dug”.

It’s a bit like if someone has made you the best meal you’ve ever had. Your tastebuds are going wild with delight at the flavours and textures, but unbeknownst to you they’ve laced it with Iocane powder, giving all your delight a sinister and tragic denouement.

Still, it’s a bloody gorgeous track and if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to listen to Hazel again while we prepare dinner.

’Hazel’ is out now on Gold Robot Records and you can buy your copy here.

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Luke De-Sciscio – “Always”

11 Aug

Luke De-Sciscio

Such is the life of a new music blogger and so inundated are we with new music that it is entirely possible to forget where you first heard of an artist or a track. Often you can even think you’ve discovered someone new only to find they have been around for ages doing various things with varying success.

We experienced both of those events with just one artist recently when we started listening to Luke De-Sciscio’s latest tune on Soundcloud. ‘Who is this we have discovered’? we wondered. Only to realise that not only had his label actually sent us the track via Soundcloud, that they had even emailed us two weeks ago about the song and indeed, as a quick Google revealed, Luke has been making and recoding music for a few years now and featured on the odd Hype-Machine registered blog from time to time already.

Like we said, so inundated it’s sometimes hard to keep track.

Still, with Google-fu in full swing we determined the following.

A singer-songwriter of Anglo-Italian descent, De-Sciscio has been a solo artist, been a member of Bath-based indie rock band The Dollrats and then a solo artist once more. He cites Jeff Buckley, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush as influences and last year was invited to play ‘An Evening with Jeff Buckley’ the annual tribute show held at Arlene’s Grocery in New York. His music has (randomly – he didn’t even know it was happening) appeared on Hollyoaks (as more and more up and coming artists appear to do so these days) and is about to release his third EP, Rust.

More importantly though, his new track (and the first to be taken from the upcoming EP) is pretty darn excellent. On “Always” De-Sciscio manages to sound like Morrissey, Sivu and mid-90’s indie rockers Mansun all rolled into one. It’s no small feat and one that works surprisingly well. It rocks gently, swirls lightly and grinds just enough. There’s a subtle sense of urgency within, not tense or stressful, but enough to quicken your pulse a touch. The chorus builds and hurtles along like an outpouring of emotion, the vocals pained and raw as cymbals crash and guitars and strings flurry.

It may not be the most original song you’ll hear this week, but originality is overrated, it’s quality that’s important and this is a cracking tune that is worth checking out.

Luke De-Sciscio’s ‘Rust’ EP is due out on 3 September via Source Mountain Records and is available to pre-order now.

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