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‘S’ is for… San Jua

26 Jul

Despite having just three demos available online and with no sign (yet) of an official release to their name, Anglo-Swedish duo San Jua are quickly establishing themselves as an exciting new name in the world of electro-pop. They are also the latest member of the Alphabet Bands Class of 2017.

Their music seems to exist in the space between conscious and subconscious thought. Gently probing and planting ideas like some kind of inception-y ninjas using neuro-linguistic programming or Jedi mind tricks. Their debut track, “Laid To Waste”, is about passing through a city at night, and that is all you can see when you listen. The bass and guitar lines pass by like cars on the street as Mags, whisper soft, sings of buildings and streets and the hidden majesty of urban life. It’s some devilish and dreamy musical onomatopoeic wizardry. Or something.

As you listen, shapes and emotions marble in your mind to form images and sensations as their wondrous electro arrangements drift and swirl.

With that (quite literally) in mind, the nominative determinism of their latest track should come as no surprise. With it’s stunningly evocative soundscape, “Swirls In The Swimming Pool” is a devastatingly dreamy and disarming piece of electro-pop.

And it swirls, and swirls, and swirls. Around and down, deeper into the water.

The piano line opening gives way to deftly pulsating synths that whirlpool around, pulling you under into San Jua’s sub-aquatic playground. Treasures await below, amongst that magical swirl of electronics and vocals that open out before you, a mesmerising undulation of sound and imagery. It’s gloriously catchy, subtly powerful, a little bit dangerous, and utterly gorgeous.

Elsewhere, “Break Your Fall” comes with a feeling of tension and drama woven into the synth-threads and quickening-heartbeat rhythms. There is an urgency that is beautifully juxtaposed with the soft, quivering vocal that evokes confusion and stress whilst remaining dreamy and heartfelt.

They are quite something, a mysterious and marvellous musical duo that seem to reside on a different plane of existence to us mere mortals.

Get to know San Jua: Website / Facebook / Twitter


Listen: SUNBEARS! – “He’s A Lie! He’s Not Real!”

23 Oct

sunbears! Future Sounds

Amazingly, it’s been over a year since we last featured our ‘S’ band, Jacksonville’s Sunbears!. We’re pleased to say that they are gearing up to release a new album, Future Sounds, and in the meantime, have released a limited edition two-track EP for us to enjoy. It’s limited edition in that the digital files will only be available until the album is released and mega-rare in the sense that all 50 copies of the hand carved (by the band) crystal 7” sold out in a day. We didn’t get one, which bummed us out, but thankfully the band remain as bright and colourful as when we last heard from them, so our bummed outness didn’t last that long.

Lead track, “He’s A Lie! He’s Not Real!”, is a trip into outer space in a homemade cardboard-box rocket ship. Tin foil spacesuits are the order of the day as we woosh out past stars dangling on string and little pipe-cleaner aliens peeking out from plastic bottle spaceships. It’s bright and imaginative, sounds streak past like comets, electronic space-age warbles speckle the night sky as guitars and drums swirl and pulsate. It’s the sonic equivalent of being 8 years old, turning your room into a vast universe of delight and wonder, going for an adventure where no song has gone before.

”He’s A Lie” He’s Not Real!” is available now as part of the two-track EP, ‘Selections From The Future Sounds’ LP’ and can be bought here.

Stalk SUNBEARS!: Website / Bandcamp / Twitter / Facebook

‘S’ is for SUNBEARS!

12 Oct

SUNBEARS! – “Little Baby Pines”

We can’t quite remember how we first came across SUNBEARS!, it’s all a bit hazy. Our brains have been befuddled by their psychedelic indie-pop, lost in a blissed out haze of marbled colours, laughter and contentment.

This may all sound like this duo’s formative years were spent living feral with the Care Bears but they are actually from Jacksonville, Florida. These guys are the aural equivalent of popping candy, exploding in your ears with such sonorific delight. We haven’t heard such outright glee in music for far too long, it’s like watching your favourite Saturday morning cartoon as a kid. Unsurprising then that they have previously recorded a song for totally freaking crazy looking US kids show, Yo Gabba Gabba.

They are about to drop their debut album, You Will Live Forever, on 22 Nov but in the meantime you should head over to their Bandcamp page and get their Dream Happy Dreams EP which includes “Little Baby Pines” (stream above) and, incidentally, is worth a great deal more than the $1 minimum payment they are asking for.

Check out the new pied piper inspired video for “Give Love A Try” below and get ready to ride the rainbow.