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Maya Law – “Safe & Sound”

9 Mar

Maya Law

At just 17 years old, Maya Law is already making something of a name for herself out here in Norwich. Recognition is starting to come from further afield with some national radio play already and its only a matter of time before hers is a name people are talking about excitedly.

A supremely talented singer-songwriter whose live set currently consists of an acoustic guitar and her amazing vocals, Law has recently collaborated with hip-hop and electronic producers with incredible results. One of her tracks with fellow Norwich locals Cabra Kid got airplay from Radio1 Xtra and her latest work with Allergy Kid is a low-tempo, electro gem.

With it’s soft hip-hop rhythm and alluring late summer evening electro elements, “Safe & Sound” is gloriously understated and head-noddingly infectious. Allergy Kid’s production is deft, subtle and perfectly juxtaposed to Maya’s rich, deceptively soulful voice.

A fan of Lauryn Hill, she has a similar depth and knowing edge to her vocal. She sings beyond her years, mature in sound and content and even a little world weary and heartbroken, it’s clear that Maya Law is a big talent with a lot of potential. Watch this space.

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