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Sameblod – “My Fortune”

15 May


We’re not sure what it’s been like where you are, but here at Alphabet Bands HQ we’ve been enjoying a couple of gorgeously hot and sunny days. It may not last but it has certainly felt as if summer is on the way, and what better way to celebrate than with a new track from those purveyors of wonderfully summery electropop, Sameblod?

Having waited a couple of years for their last track, ”Flourish”, the duo have thankfully only waited a couple of months to share the follow up, “My Fortune”.

It is full of the trademark Sameblod warmth and energy, hazy melodies and sun-drenched electronics that we have come to love so much over the years. It’s top down music, arms out the window feeling the breeze as you drive along music, music to picnic with friends to, music to enjoy the sunshine to. It’s dreamy and happy, just the way we like it.

”My Fortune” is due for release via Sommarhjärta on 15 June.

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Sameblod – “Flourish”

6 Feb


Having already been treated to a little dash of glorious sunshine from the wonderful Summer Heart this week, it is now the turn of his compatriots and friends Sameblod to return and dazzle us. Surprisingly it has been nearly two years since we last posted anything from the Swedish synthpop duo but thank fully they have returned all guns blazing with “Flourish”.

While they previously served us with wonderfully languid summer evening sounds, “Flourish” is a full on late night in the local discotheque banger. The synths are rainbow hued as they pulse and flicker vibrantly, the beat bouncing off the walls with an insatiable joy and energy. Their vocals are still as soft focus as ever but now they are juxtaposed with an explosion of vitality. The synthpop flower has opened and a vivacious dance sound has burst forth. Bring on the summer.

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Death In The Afternoon – “Let’s Talk”

18 Sep


It’s been a while since we posted any Swedish pop music which, frankly, feels like a massive oversight on our part. Thankfully the wonderful Sommarhjarta label (home to blog favourites Summer Heart and Sameblod) has come to our rescue with a brand new single from dreamy-synth-pop duo, Death In The Afternoon.

Following on from their debut album, Kino, “Let’s Talk” is a gloriously warm track, with echoes of Bronksi Beat-esque synth and guitar lines permeating through the groovy bass track. Christian Nanzell’s vocals are feather light and soft, a refreshing counter to the sharp stab of drums that will have your feet tapping, then shuffling, then grooving gently around the bathroom as you get ready for an evening out. For example. We’re not saying that is something we’ve done in the last 24 hours or anything. Ahem.

It’s delightful in the subtle way it uplifts and inspires happiness and creates smiles. It takes you gently by the hand for a good boogie in its neon-lit retro-inspired and future proof discotheque and you just end up having a wonderful time, drenched in its gloriously dreamy pop glow.

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Listen: Summer Heart – “Beat Of Your Heart”

11 Jun

Summer Heart

We first encountered Summer Heart when he guested on one of our favourite albums of last year, the fantastic Braided Memos by Sameblod. Since then we have listened to and enjoyed his sounds on a regular basis yet oddly, not once has anything made its way to the blog. Well, all that changes now with his latest single, “Beat Of Your Heart”, which was released yesterday.

As you would imagine with an artist name like Summer Heart, the music of David Alexander is perfect for the warmer months. The sky is clear and bright and the melody tinkles like ice in a glass, condensation glistening on the outside as the cool drink battle the warm day for supremacy. Alexander’s vocals ring out like the call of a moistened finger as it glides atop the rim of a crystal wine glass before gently vibrating out into a wispy echo. Summer by name, summer by nature, you’ll want this playing out as your sunshine adventures unfurl.

“Beat Of Your Heart” is out now and available from the Summer Heart Bandcamp page.

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Listen: Sameblod – “Norwegian Summer”

15 May

sameblod norwegian summe

It’s been a year since Sameblod released their debut album and rocked our world (it was #5 in our albums of the year countdown) and now, after quietly slipping a couple of tracks and remixes online, they are back with a brand new release and once again, we are in love. ”I love the way you make me wait” they sing, which is exactly how we have felt while patiently awaiting their return.

Featuring trademark swirling Sameblod synths and carefree breeze like melodies, “Norwegian Summer” reprises the kind of cool summer evening sound that brought the band into our hearts in the first place. A bit more frenetic than previous offerings, it is no less infectious and enjoyable. Mikael’s vocals echoe around this deep valley of electronic wonder; synths tumble and cascade over synths while the beat clatters along underneath, sweeping forth all that exists around it.

“Norwegian Summer” is taken from the forthcoming ‘Swoon’ EP which is released on 31 May by Riot Factory records.

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