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Hollywood Principle – “Seeing What’s Next”

25 May

Hollywood Principle

We first featured San Diego’s Hollywood Principle when they shared the wonderfully deceptive (starts slow suddenly becomes a full on pop banger) “Find Me Out”. Back again with the final track from their Starting Over EP, the Electro pop trio have nestled “Seeing What’s Next” nicely somewhere in the middle of their previous approach.

It doesn’t start off as smokey or languid as “Find Me Out” and the final bang isn’t quite as ka-boom, but it is a consistently exciting and persuasive dance-pop tune. It’s very much a dark club, singer making shapes with her arms amongst the laser pierced smoke as the crowd calls out their delight. Stick your headphones on (presuming you are listening on a computer and ergo the sound isn’t great) and feel the depth of the bassline as it kicks in, feel the barely contained energy within the synth lines and get lost in those arm entwining vocals.

“Seeing What’s Next” features on the ‘Starting Over’ EP, which can be ordered here.

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