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Ummagma – “Rotation”

11 Mar


Related tracks on Soundcloud is fast becoming one of our favourite things, taking us, as it does, in myriad different directions to a legion of artists we may or may not have heard of before. On one such jaunt down the orange brick road we stumbled into the most recent (from late last year) offering from the hitherto unknown to us Ukranian-Canadian duo of Alexx Kretov and Shauna McLarnon.

Not to be confused with late WWE wrestling juggernaut, Umaga, the pair actually perform as Ummagma (note the extra ‘m’s and lack of facial tattoos) and rather than throwing people around like soft toys, they instead make us giddy with their fuzzy alt-dreampop.

Released as a double a-side with “Live And Let Die”, “Rotation” (streaming below) has a not-quite-heaviness to its shoegaziness that is all blurry and head swirlingly lovely. It builds slowly like a distant vehicle taking shape through a heat haze as it draws closer. Gently the drums, guitars and vocals hone into view as you’re taken on a road trip with the top down across a deserted highway and under the blazing sun. An alarm sound calls out but there is no warning to be heeded, just synths and beats that build and form like dust balls on the horizon as an adventure in the sun is just beginning.

A slow grinding, heady maze of aural miasma, “Rotation” leaves you not discombobulated, but feeling strangely high and light of mind. More please…

”Rotation/Live And Let Die” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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Colourmusic – “Dreamgirl 82”

14 Feb


We probably like synthpop as much as anyone; we love heartfelt ballads, glacial electronica and ethereal mists of melodic aural seductions. We like to dance (badly) and sing (terribly) along with pop tunes that most would describe as cheesy. We like to get funky and we like to get our groove on. We like to be excited, calmed, roused and soothed by music. And sometimes all we really want is something that is dark and heavy, stormy and face meltingly wonderful, in fact we want that right now, and that’s where Colourmusic come in.

From the first second of “Dreamgirl 82” you are hit with a deliciously oppressive drawl, like a gargantuan alien spacecraft looming ominously into view overhead it grinds and shudders your spine. Guitar licks drip like molten lava, hot and hypnotic they ooze out and envelop the world around you. There is a domineering danger in the air as the rhythm crashes like buildings to the ground and you can do nothing but prostate yourself in servitude to a new master, nodding your head compulsively as blurred vocals issue inaudible commands that you will follow unquestionably.

Resistance is futile.

”Dreamgirl 82” is taken from Colourmusic’s new album, ‘May You Marry Rich’, which is due out on 24 March via Memphis Industries and can be pre-ordered here.

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Listen: Times Beach – “Blue Chaser” (Demo)

7 Feb

Times Beach

We first came across Times Beach when an artist we have featured several times, Jordan Campbell aka A Weekend At The Feelies, got in touch and suggested we check him out. So we did, and we weren’t disappointed with the five demo tracks that are currently online.

As is the way these days, not much information is online about Mr Times Beach, all we know at the moment is that by day he is actually called Steven Anthony and he hails from Arizona but lives and writes/records in Seattle. We also know that Times Beach is a ghost down in Missouri which was evacuated due to chemical contamination in the mid 80’s. We don’t know if Steven took the name from this, but we like to think he did given his somewhat ethereal and otherworldly vocals on his tracks. Like someone calling out to us from the beyond, from a world and a time gone by.

His latest demo, “Blue Chaser” (streaming below) has a bit more kick to it, spitting out energy like a fighter pilot, the drums a machine gun ratter-ratter-ratter as the plane screams towards the ground before pulling up and gliding off serenely into the blue shoegazy sky above. Those distant vocals a covering of cirrus clouds welcoming the plane back within before it barrel rolls on rough guitar licks and back down to the safety of the earth, mission accomplished.

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Watch: A Weekend At The Feelies – “Glow”

21 Jan

A Weekend At The Feelies Glow

We’ve been big fans of Jordan Campbell since last year when he released the gloriously languid and atmospheric ”Lowly Buzzard”. Since then we have featured him fairly frequently and no doubt will continue to do so for some time, as he keeps churning out beautifully relaxed vibes like his latest, “Glow”.

There’s a “Theme from Twin Peaks” vibe to it as Campbell’s distant vocals glides across the light, summer evening guitar that will ultimately slip into a warm indie pop jangle. Time passes with a tick tick tick as a wide open sky of tranquillity drifts overhead, day becomes night becomes day again. Clouds pass by softly as the sunlight glares brightly, momentarily freed from its billowed shield before once again succumbing to marshmallow sounds. Birdsong melts into starlight and then the dawn, as a new days breaks with a vibrancy and optimism before that too settles into the steady rhythm of the afternoon.

For a track that deals with a desire to go back and change things, to have more time, it sounds as if it has all the time in the world. Even the video, which you can see below, is a suitably fuzzy and glowing four minutes of soft focus visuals to accompany a wonderfully soft focus tune.

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Listen: A Weekend At The Feelies – “Light”

29 Aug

A Weekend At The Feelies

At the beginning of the month we brought you the ”echoey beauty of fragile synth highs and caressing bass lows” of “Lowly Buzzard”; Jordan Campbell’s first offering as A Weekend At The Feelies. Now as the month draws to a close and summer starts to blend into autumn, we are able to share a new track, the equally languid and misty “Light”.

Soft percussion melts into a smooth and ethereal melody as Campbell’s vocals float in like distant smoke, all wispy and elusive. “Lowly Buzzard” was hardly urgent in tone or sound but “Light” has turned the dial down still further. This is stillness and serenity, a piece of absolute calm just as the light punches through the darkness as dawn breaks across the Arctic for the first time after months of winter. It is delightfully understated, delicate and subtle; it climbs gently, almost imperceptibly, upon you and soothing your mind and soul. It’s a track for late nights, when the world has gone to sleep and, ironically, all the light has gone.

”Light” is out now and available to download alongside “Lowly Buzzard” for the bargain price of £0. That’s right, they are both currently free from the A Weekend At The Feelies soundcloud page. You best get them now before they are all gone.

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