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Free Download: New Rockets – “In The Red”

19 Jan

We’ve only ever been to Exeter once, for a wedding, many many years ago. It seemed like quite a pleasant little city but we didn’t have a chance to check out any local musical talent whilst there. Even if we had, we wouldn’t have seen New Rockets play as this fresh faced young band are only just out of university and back then would most likely have still been painting pictures with chopped up bits of potato and pulling girls hair. Now though, bandmates Tudor Davies, John Kilpatrick, George Pavis and Fred Shi have put those care free days behind them and are now making music, rather than paper plate decorations with little bits of pasta and glitter stuck to them.

The guys debut track, “In The Red”, has a very laidback, Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe going on. Think Californication via Exeter; Exeternication if you will. It’s a very congenial song with the kind of chorus that doesn’t feel intrusive in the slightest but ends up being hummed or whistled a few hours later. We like it.

You can listen to “In The Red” below and the band have made it available for download on their Soundcloud page should you like it too.

For more info on New Rockets, check out their Facebook page.

Track of the Day: “Skeleton” – The Good Natured

13 Jan

We’ve never done a Track of the Day before and to be honest we might not again, but after hearing “Skeleton” we felt compelled to do something. How we managed to miss this song on its release back in June is beyond all here at Alphabet Bands Towers, and we’ve a good mind to remove a limb or two of those who are most likely to be culpable. Thankfully though, a kindly soul posted a link on our facebook page and all is well again.

Like a hyper-active child on a sugar rush, the song just flies along, not once losing an ounce of energy. The drum beats kick along at breakneck speed and Sarah McIntosh’s vocals are both enticing and intimidating at the same time. Never have we heard someone sing about disrobing in such an alluring and frightening manner! This song pushes so many of our buttons its ridiculous. It’s been on repeat for the last hour but since play one it was embedded in our brain. So much so in fact that the next person to attempt conversation is likely to just get the lyrics sang back at them, like an electro-noir-pop Being John Malkovich moment.

Check the video out below, fall in love with the song and then scroll down for details on where to buy it.

You can download the EP from Amazon and iTunes, or get it on 10″ vinyl from Norman Records

Listen: New ILLUMINATOR Single – “Gulf Hymn”

5 Jan

Last week, we wrote about the new single from one of our favourite new bands, Conveyor. As we noted at the time, the single (“Mukraker”) is to be released on a split 7”, and we are pleased that we can now share with you the flip side.

“Gulf Hymn” is the new track from fellow Brooklynites, ILLUMINATOR, who will also be appearing live tonight on the same bill as Conveyor at the Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn. These guys describe their music as being, electronic experimental progressive psychedelic gospel indie. Now you might be forgiven for thinking, ‘damn, sounds to me like there is a hell of a lot going on there’ and to be honest, you’d be right. But not in a bad way.

This is undoubtedly a song that is crammed full of ideas and thoughts. It bustle and busies its way across a number of styles, and even embraces different forms of metre from verse to verse. Like the musical personification of a molecular gastronomist, ILLUMINATOR has combined numerous disparate elements to create a remarkable whole. Sparse organ sounds and near a cappella vocals give way to a wave of psychedelic electronic and, incredibly, what sounds like very R Kelly inspired gospel harmonies. From then on in you are hit with wave after wave of sound, to the extent that it almost feels as though your senses are under attack. It’s really quite fun.

The band plan to release another full album later in the year, in the meantime you can stream “Gulf Hymn” here and check out more of their music via the links below.

Connect with ILLUMINATOR.


UPDATED: Listen: Conveyor preview new single, “Mukraker”

30 Dec

Fresh from their appearance in our list of great EPs from 2011, Brooklyn based Conveyor are already looking ahead and planning on grabbing 2012 by the scruff of the neck and making it their bitch.

To whet our appetite for the delights that are to come, they are currently streaming excellent new single, “Mukraker”, over at One Thirty bpm.

The track is another sonic gem; a wistful, shoegazey lament, peppered with warm lyrics and a soft but welcoming flurry of horns that tumble and cascade over the track as it swells delicately to its climax. Add in an AM radio sounding coda, and you are left with a big reason to be excited for the forthcoming full length debut from the band.

We might well be a little bit in love with Conveyor, and by the end of 2012, we hope you will be too.

“Mukraker” will be formally released as part of a split 7″ single with fellow Brooklyn outfit, Illuminator, and it will also be available on their Bandcamp page on 2 Jan.

UPDATE You can now stream the song directly, right here.

Kites Release New Track: “This Jumped-Up Boy In Livery”

22 Dec

Yesterday Kites gave us all an early Christmas present when they released a brand new track, “This Jumped-Up Boy In Livery”, online. As we know from our chat with lead singer Matthew a few weeks ago, he values honesty in his music above almost everything, so it is not difficult to guess where “Jumped-Up Boy…” is coming from. It’s even less difficult when the singer himself posts accompanying messages like this one:

“Never before have I had the audacity to pen lyrics that are so indulgently self-pitying – and, for me, that’s saying something. Let’s just say that it has been one of those months.”

If the result will always be this delightful Matthew, we say do it more often. Like preceding single, ”Brother” the narrative is not only clear but framed in some very modern sounding retro synth melodies. There is a dash of Delphic about this track as well as just a pinch of the Human League, combining to make a truly intoxicating mixture.

As for the indulgent self-pity, pah. The very best pop music is built on a foundation of introspection, insecurity and even a degree of self-loathing. We’d much rather hear that than brash, self indulgent glorification of success and celebrity. You went to the VIP section of the club again? That’s nice dear.

Anyway, if Kites keep banging out tracks as sharp and entertaining as this, it could well be a long time before Matthew finds himself suffering “one of those months” again.

“This Jumped-Up Boy In Livery” is available via Kites Soundcloud page and you can stream it below.