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Florrie – “Seashells” (video)

8 Mar

Florrie Seashells

We, like many other sites, have been writing about and loving Florrie for a while now, and like Del and Rodney, we’ve often found ourselves saying of her, ‘this time next year…’ The promise has always been there, the quality has always been there but for some reason or another, despite cracking pop tune after cracking pop tune, a growing army of fans and chart success across Europe, the top floor always seemed to be a few more stairs away.

This year though, this year just feels different. There’s an EP, Sirens, coming in April and an album to follow later in the year. There was talk a while ago about a major label deal and while we don’t know if that has come off or not, Warner Chappell are certainly being much more vocal about her than before and there is a sense that things are about to happen.

Leading the charge this year is “Seashells” and it signals a slight change of musical sound for Florrie as well. Drawing on eastern influences it opens like a lotus flower and you are immediately clapped in the face with Bollywood. Bhangra beats dance along barefoot, swirling and twisting, creating a street party of energy and colour for the vocal to be carried off upon. The sound isn’t the only difference, there’s a new logo, which is featured prominently in the video for “Seashells” (which you can watch below) and the video itself has a different feel to it.

The colours are bright and swirl with the sounds, yet it feels a tad more serious than we are used to, more focused. The signs are all there, Florrie has got her game face on and 2014 finally looks to be the year for her. Here’s hoping.

The ‘Sirens’ EP is due for release on 27 April and can be pre-ordered here.

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In Session: Raevennan Husbandes – “Stay”

10 Apr


Last week we shared a gorgeous session with you from the extremely talented Ravennan Husbandes. We loved her performance so much that while we were there, we asked her very nicely if she would do another song for us. Luckily she is as lovely as she is talented and said yes.

The very wonderful Sessions Productions have done the leg work for us once again, so now we can present Raevennan in session once again, this time performing “Stay”.

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In Session: Raevennan Husbandes – “Sirens”

3 Apr


Here in Norwich we are blessed to be home to some outstanding singer-songwriters and now, in Raevennan Husbandes, we have another who is winning hearts and minds all around the city and way beyond. Ok, so she is actually from Lowestoft which isn’t really Norwich and no, technically it isn’t even Norfolk but we are claiming her for the city, she’s just too good not to.

Like another of the City’s exceptional talents, the divine Milly Hirst, Raevennan is blessed with a voice that silences rooms and captivates audiences. It is sweet and pure and drifts beautifully over the intricate and dexterous guitaring she plays underneath. Last year she won the Future Radio Next Big Thing Competition (previous winners include Ed Sheeran, just saying) and even more remarkably, she was diagnosed with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH) syndrome a couple of years ago after she suddenly lost the ability to move, see and hear.

Thankfully she is no longer afflicted and her talent is shining through once more and we were keen to see it first hand. So we grabbed the wonderful Sessions Productions and headed to OPEN to meet up with Raevennan and film an exclusive session. We’ll share more next week but for now, enjoy the delights of her new track, “Sirens”.

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