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Summer Heart – “Sleep” (video)

14 Apr

Summer Heart Thinkin of U

Regular readers will know by now that whenever we write about David Alexander, aka Summer Heart we are contractually obliged to mention the weather. This is due to the infectiously bright and joyful nature of his electro-pop that is usually in stark contrast to the climate outside our window.

Thankfully conditions recently have been very pleasant, with bright skies and the semblance of warmth radiating onto our pale blue skin. They’ve not been anything like the heat haze inducing, dazzling shimmer of sun and sound that Summer Heart imbues into his music of course, but it is only April. It’s still ages until that one-day a year comes and goes far too quickly.

Luckily we have the likes of “Sleep” to keep us going and help us develop a feeling of solar induced happiness as we dance around and sing along with this kaleidoscopic and fuzzy video. God bless you Summer Heart, the weather outside may be frightful, but your music is indeed, delightful.

”Sleep” is taken from the Summer Heart EP, ‘Thinkin of U’, which is out now and available on iTunes.

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