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Waylayers – “Sleepwalking”

3 Apr


Given how much we like Waylayers, it’s surprising how long it has been since we last featured them on the site. Especially since they have released a couple of tunes online in between us sharing their Sofar Session of “Medicine” and them posting new tune “Sleepwalking” online the other day. This lack of writing says more about our recent sporadic approach to blogging than being a reflection of Waylayers as the London trio remain as exciting and vibrant as ever.

Taken from the upcoming EP Re:Verse (on which they worked with Grammy-nominated producer Tommy Forrest) “Sleepwalking” has a subdued retro dance vibe to it. A kind of early 90’s feel to the keys with a dark underbelly to it that is split with crisp beats like neon laser lights to the dancefloor. Disco meets electro meets indie pop with a deliciously wobbly bassline.

”Sleepwalking” will feature on the forthcoming ‘Re:Verse’ EP which is due out on Alcopop Records on 8 June.

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