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Watercolours – “Soft Teeth”

6 Mar


In all honesty, there is something about the idea of soft teeth that we find extremely disturbing. Like some kind of horrific anxiety nightmare where all your teeth have turned to mush and you can’t eat anything or even speak properly. Thankfully this collaboration between New Zealand pair Watercolours and Boycrush (who is on production duties here) is altogether a much more pleasant reverie, a flying one perhaps.

“Soft Teeth” is taken from their split 7” (out now, details below) and on it Chelsea Jade Metcalf’s vocals drift like a daydreaming mind on a warm summer’s afternoon. Playful, wind-up toy evoking guitars are picked and tickled below as the song chimes softy, caressing you as it does so.

It’s a pink and white, soft pastel coloured swirl of a track. Creamy and delightful like marshmallows dripped in a Mr Whippy ice cream, with the soft rat-a-tat-tat drumming sprinkled all over like hundreds and thousands as your ears lap up the so sweet sounding and delicious melodies.

The Watercolours/Boycrush Split 7” is out now and available to buy here.

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