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Hollywood Principle – “Spell”

17 Mar

Hollywood Principle

Having mastered the dark art of the deceptive pop banger (starts smokey and languid, ends high energy and explosive) San Diego’s Hollywood Principle are now beginning to really hit their stride and exude confidence.

Following the incendiary and utterly ferociously addictive “Firework” was going to be tricky but here we are, quite literally and metaphorically under their “Spell”. It takes a special level of self-assurance and belief to boldly announce when a song is about to drop, and another level entirely to then deliver said drop in such a huge manner. Aplomb doesn’t even begin to cover it.

“Spell” exudes swagger as well as being a ridiculously good and infectious dance-pop tune. Their tunes have recently been popping up on video games and this is another that would be perfectly suited to that medium. It’s bright lights, fast cars, late nights and euphoric adventures.

Pounding, fist pumping, rousing and grand, “Spell” is probably the biggest, boldest and best thing the Hollywood Principle crew have done so far. All together now, “DROP!”.

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