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Review: Vuvuvultures – Push/Pull

26 Jul


It has been little more than two years since four like minded souls came from across the globe, found one another in a city they now call home and began to make music. Since those beginnings, the four members of Vuvuvultures have grown together, developed together and evolved together till they find themselves at this point, ready to unleash their debut album on the world, and it’s a monster.

Last year’s debut EP, VVV was schizophrenic and gloriously dark in tone and sound. Unlike anything else out there, it blended a multitude of styles and sounds into four tracks of glorious maleficence and the hedonistically disaffected underbelly of society. Like its shorter predecessor, Push/Pull embraces the band’s love of the secret and the sordid, science and fantasy and the way in which sound works. Envelopes have been pushed and with the advent of poppier sensibilities, the tracks feel more accessible and hook laden than even their previous work, without losing any of their grandeur or the darkness within.

Before the album even hits your ears it is worth noting that from last year’s stellar VVV EP, only two tracks remain, and that their single from the turn of the year, “Stay Still”, isn’t on it. Dropping three high quality tracks feels like a statement of intent and thankfully, Push/Pull delivers.

It opens with one of the surviving EP tracks, the skittish and riffalicious “Ctl Alt Mexicans” before sweeping into current single, “Steel Bones”. The sci-fi inspired dystopian dream (or nightmare) sounding like the end of the world as analogue and digital meet in a compelling battle of wills. Neither is prepared to yield and both create noise that drives into the heart of the other.

This sense of foreboding, of death and of something much bigger than us, of something beyond our comprehension is prevalent throughout. Be it the portentous, doom laden drum beats and bass sounds that awake “The Professional” or the foot-stomping bluesy sleaze of “Your Thoughts Are A Plague”, cataclysmic events are only moments away. Vuvuvultures have brought the end of this world with them and its noise is addictive.

Guitars shudder and grind, basslines throb and groove, drumbeats pound and scatter and above it all, vocals soar and caress. And within, sometimes buried, sometimes bursting forth beyond these instruments are the electronics, the ghosts in the machine that are desperate to break out. Little glitchy moments here, synthy wails there, digital flourishes that embellish and enhance. On “Tell No One” especially, the machines are coming and the electronics give it an extra feeling of danger, of despair and of impending menace.

Peppered within the album too are fleeting moments where they have taken over entirely, the A.I finding a way to circumvent its masters and the machines talk to one another. They appear at the end of the “Whatever You Will” and the slower undulations of the snake like “Empurrar/Puxar” (Push/Pull in Portuguese) which close the album give way to a minute or so of digital whirring and twitching, calling out to its brothers and signalling perhaps the next stage of Vuvuvultures evolution.

It is already on its way, their creation of ‘The Appliance of Science’, a briefcase of gadgetry and wires that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Battlestar Galactica, should see the band grow their sound still further. A frightening thought when you think how far they have come and how fantastic they already sound.

For now though, they have given us an album to get our teeth into and be invigorated by. Not any old album mind you, Push/Pull is a Vuvuvultures album, and while they may look like us, they do not think or sound like us. They have evvvolved and they have a plan, and the results are all the better for it.

“Push/Pull” is released via Energy Snake Records / Cadiz on 29 July and can be pre-ordered here.

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Watch: Vuvuvultures – “Steel Bones”

25 Jul

VVV Steel Bones

With the release of their debut album just days away (Monday 29 July, mark it in the diary people) the always amazing Vuvuvultures have just posted the video for its first single, “Steel Bones”.

As you’d expect from the VVV gang it looks fantastic but unlike past videos there doesn’t appear to be much going on that is weird or out of the ordinary. At first glance it appears that some sleazeball has obviously done our heroes wrong and as a result is getting royally fucked up by some hooded and masked assailants in an underground car park. But as is always the way with Vuvuvultures, there is something else going on underneath it all.

We spoke to the band about the video a short while ago for the Planet of Sound show on Future Radio, so we’ll let them explain the concept in more detail and how it differs from their other videos. Then you can you watch it yourself and see what they meant. Pay attention to the eyes when you do…

Here’s the video, be warned it’s mildly NSFW, depending on how your boss feels about a couple of quick glimpses of Harmony’s arse.

Vuvuvultures debut album “Push/Pull” will be out via Energy Snake Records / Cadiz on 29 July. “Steel Bones” is out now and can be bought here.

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In Pictures: Vuvuvultures, Box of Light, Horse Party – Open Norwich, 4 July 2013.

16 Jul

It’s been just over a week since we had the privilege of hosting Vuvuvultures, Box of Light and Horse Party for the first ever Alphabet Bands presents… night and while the world may have moved on, we are still buzzing. Even a week off in the sunshine relaxing hasn’t stopped us feeling excited and entirely made up about how fantastic the night was. While we can’t recreate it for you, we can share some live photos from the evening, courtesy of the super-talented Adam Shoesmith who was there to capture it all for us.

Before we do though, we’d just like to go on record and offer our heartfelt thanks to all those people who helped make it happen. Rick and Stewart at Open, Annie of Planet of Sound, Andie at Sessions Productions, Ian at Access to Music, everyone who tweeted or wrote about the show in advance, everyone who came and of course, the bands themselves. It was a great night, here’s to the next one.

Enjoy the pictures, regular posting resumes tomorrow.






Box of Light

Box of Light Open1

Box of Light Open3

Box of Light Open4

Horse Party

Horse Party Open2

Horse Party Open4

Horse Party Open5

Here’s a little bonus as well, a quick video of Horse Party performing on the night.

Vuvuvultures debut album “Push/Pull” will be out via Energy Snake Records / Cadiz on 29 July. “Steel Bones” is out now and can be bought here and they are still on tour across the country. Remaining dates below.

Vuvuvultures on tour.
July 19 – BBC4 Loose Ends / Live Session
July 21 – Sheffield – Tramlines Festival / Dada
July 27 – London – Album Launch @ The Island
July 30 – London – Rough Trade East

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Gig Preview: Vuvuvultures, Box of Light, Horse Party – Open Norwich, 4 July 2013.

1 Jul


So here we are, Monday morning; the calm before the coming Thursday storm of astounding live music. Our excitement has been building for months now and right now we’re getting a little bit silly. Frankly, come Thursday itself we wouldn’t be surprised if a little bit of wee came out we’re so giddy. Yes, this Thursday we make our debut appearance as gig promoters and we couldn’t have asked for a better band to headline our first ever show .

VVV_FLYER_smallRegular readers already know that we adore Vuvuvultures and those of you who live in and around Norwich will get to find out why at Open on Thursday. We’ve loved everything they’ve done so far and think they are one of the most compelling and charismatic live acts we’ve seen in recent years. So much so that, having seen them blow the roof off the Norwich Arts Centre last year as part of the John Peel Festival of New Music, we wanted them to come back to our fine city and tear it up again. They were keen, we were more than keen and so here we are, just days away from what promises to be an incendiary night of big presence, big sound and big tunes.

Their debut album, Push/Pull will be released on 29 July (it sounds fan-fucking-tastic by the way) and the band will be previewing new tracks at the show. As a taster they have stuck a new track online, the stonkingly grooveable “Steel Bones”.

Featuring a baseline that creeps around, tapping pressure points around your body to make you move and the kind of guitaring that tunes into your internal frequency and flicks it to ‘judder’, this first single from the album is quintessentially Vuvuvultures and we love it.

Following the path of predecessor “Stay Still” into slightly poppier territory than the VVV EP, it retains the foreboding and invigorating energy that has become their trademark. Drums pound, little electronic flourishes spark and ping around in the background and front and centre, as ever, is Harmony with her gorgeous vocals as the icing on a delicious electro-pop-rock cake.

Tickets are on sale now and cost a mere £5 advance, £7 on the door.

We have two support acts for you to enjoy as well.

Firstly there is the brand new and brilliant Box of Light, who will be playing their first EVER gig. They popped into BBC Norfolk Introducing over the weekend to play a couple of tracks. click here to listen to “The Island” (at 35.25) and “Just Begun” (46.45).

Also playing are the fantastic Horse Party, and you can listen to “Back To Mono” below.

Vuvuvultures debut album “Push/Pull” will be out via Energy Snake Records / Cadiz on 29 July. “Steel Bones” will be released on 15 July and as well as playing Norwich, they will also be touring the country. Dates below.

Vuvuvultures on tour.
June 29 – London – Hard Rock Calling Festival
July 04 – Norwich – Open
July 05 – Leek – Foxlowe Arts Centre
July 06 – Leamington Spa – Leamington LAMP
July 12 – York – Fibbers / DV8 Festival
July 13 – Middlesbrough – Empire
July 19 – BBC4 Loose Ends / Live Session
July 21 – Sheffield – Tramlines Festival / Dada
July 27 – London – Album Launch @ The Island
July 30 – London – Rough Trade East

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Watch: Vuvuvultures – “Safe Skin”

23 May


Given their propensity for more off the wall visual accompaniments to their songs, each new Vuvuvultures video release is beginning to feel like something of an event. What on earth will they have come up with this time and will Harmony have been browbeaten enough to consent to the inclusion of a vagina laser?

We were somewhat taken aback to find then that the video for “Safe Skin” (from last year’s excellent VVV EP) is almost fairly normal. This is the band who brought us a march into space to obtain multiple limbs, a dark trip to a fantastical and freaky underworld, and of course a woman who eats human-sized flies… (yep). What’s going on?

Well, we did say almost and fairly normal. Directed by James Copeman, the man behind the visceral promo for the menacing “I’ll Cut You”, “Safe Skin” feels like an interesting visual take on the performance video. Harmony is singing, the band are playing, though none of them are with each other, Harmony dances a bit, shows of plenty of skin (safe or otherwise) and that’s about it. Except its not, of course its not.

The visuals are a kaleidoscope of flesh and music, as well as a little oddness thrown in as well. Harmony’s eyes shudder as they blacken, primal screams escape mouths in the form of scribbled lines, which also fill wine glasses. Nothing though compares to the ooze, the liquid gunk that dribbles and pours out of, well you can see for yourself, suffice to say it is not a vagina laser substitute, thankfully (although, you could see it as being something similar if you looked in a certain way…).

While you watch the video below (possibly at home, there’s no explicit nudity but a Harmony sans coulettes may still get you in trouble with the boss, or a raise, depending on your boss) consider the following three exciting pieces of VVV related news.

1) Their debut album, Push/Pull, will be released on Energy Snake Records / Cadiz / Universal on 29 July.
2) It will be preceded by a brand new single titled ‘Steel Bones’.
3) They will be touring the UK tour in support of this release.

More details on where and when will follow but one thing we do know is that they will be playing Open in Norwich on 4 July. How can we so sure? Because we’re only putting on the flipping show ourselves! Yep, its the first ever Alphabet Bands promoted gig and we are made up that it will be one of our blog crushes headlining. Tickets are on sale now and cost a mere £5. Support comes from Box of Light and Horse Party.

Sales pitch over, go watch the video (and buy tickets to the gig!)

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