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Listen: Lyla Foy – “Feather Tongue”

8 Jan

Lyla Foy

Hot damn, 2014 just keeps getting better and better. Already we have had stunning new tunes from Fickle Friends, San Zhi and Solander (amongst others, like St Vincent who we haven’t posted – yet) and a cracking EP from LVLS) and that’s just the music we have posted. There’s been loads more besides, including a gorgeous new tune from the superb Lyla Foy who yesterday gave us aural pleasure with her “Feather Tongue” (that sounded a lot less creepy in our head by the way).

When we said that Lyla was one to Listen Out For in 2014, we didn’t think it would take her no more than a week to stand up and take over. That is what she has done though as not only is there a new single, but it is taken from her debut album which she just happened to announce as well (out in March, full details below).

Showcasing her electronic loving side (the boop-de-boopiness reminds us of “Happy Here” by Danmass – love that tune), “Feather Tongue” is yet more lovely melodic and wistful gorgeousness to add to Lyla’s already impressive collection. It feels mellow and subdued but ripples and bubbles like a natural hot spring hidden and hitherto undiscovered. Meanwhile the vocal (we adore her vocal) is like the steam above the water, the light catching it in the sun and creating millions of floating lights as it hangs above the rhythm, becalming, soothing and utterly lovely.

Lyla Foy’s debut album, ’Mirrors The Sky’, is released via Sub Pop on 17 March.

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2014 Preview: Listen Out For #4 – Lyla Foy

5 Dec

Lyla Foy

As 2012 closed, we, like many many others, were enchanted by the minimalist caress of the downtempo melodies and stark electronic beats that were coming from London based Wall. Alas and indeed alack though, for Wall is no more but rejoice and huzzah, for the lady beneath the name is very much with us and, newly signed to the legendary Sub Pop, the music of Lyla Foy is as sublime as ever.

The reason behind the name change was simple, as she explained, “At first I wanted something abstract to put some distance between me and the identity of the music, but as things grew I wanted to put my name to the songs not the other way round,” and with music of this quality, we’d want to put our name to it too. Her vocals are crystalline, smooth and stunning within the sparse forest of muted basslines and electro harmonies. Like a gleaming ball of light, levitating gently deep within the thin line of trees.

The songs are reflective and the arrangements offer an intimacy to the listener, a closeness brought from the instrumentation, the emotion and purity of the music and lyrics. It’s delicate, like the frayed edges of a heart whose thread could be pulled at any moment, and it’s utterly gorgeous. We could listen to it again and again and again, and we do, we expect a lot more people to be doing the same in 2014 as well.

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