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Summer Heart – “Sleep” (video)

14 Apr

Summer Heart Thinkin of U

Regular readers will know by now that whenever we write about David Alexander, aka Summer Heart we are contractually obliged to mention the weather. This is due to the infectiously bright and joyful nature of his electro-pop that is usually in stark contrast to the climate outside our window.

Thankfully conditions recently have been very pleasant, with bright skies and the semblance of warmth radiating onto our pale blue skin. They’ve not been anything like the heat haze inducing, dazzling shimmer of sun and sound that Summer Heart imbues into his music of course, but it is only April. It’s still ages until that one-day a year comes and goes far too quickly.

Luckily we have the likes of “Sleep” to keep us going and help us develop a feeling of solar induced happiness as we dance around and sing along with this kaleidoscopic and fuzzy video. God bless you Summer Heart, the weather outside may be frightful, but your music is indeed, delightful.

”Sleep” is taken from the Summer Heart EP, ‘Thinkin of U’, which is out now and available on iTunes.

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Summer Heart – “Beat of Your Heart”

5 Feb

Summer Heart Thinkin of U

It was back in the summer of 2013 when we first posted about David Alexander’s musical alter ego, Summer Heart, having just discovered him via a Sameblod track he featured on. Back then we posted his track “Beat of Your Heart” and both artists have been firm favourites of the blog ever since. Sadly “Beat of Your Heart” was taken offline a while back but now, like a synthpop phoenix it has arisen once more, newly re-worked and sounding as bright and glorious as ever.

As much as we adore his music, writing about Summer Heart is becoming quite tricky these days. His music so perfectly evokes the warmth, happiness and hazy colours of a glorious summer’s day that it is becoming difficult to think of new ways to describe the music. Thankfully we can cheat a bit with this re-work and just re-work our original post from 2013.

On “Beat of Your Heart” Alexander is bottling the essence of more innocent and carefree times and pouring it out to us as we bask in its warm glow. The sky is clear and bright and the melody tinkles like ice in a glass, condensation glistening on the outside as the cool drink battle the warm day for supremacy. Alexander’s vocals ring out like the call of a moistened finger as it glides atop the rim of a crystal wine glass before gently vibrating out into a wispy echo. Summer by name, summer by nature, you’ll want this playing out as your sunshine adventures unfurl.

Basically, it still sounds superb and we can’t wait to hear his new EP, thinkin of u, which is due for release on 6 April.

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Summer Heart – “Thinkin of U”

9 Jan

Summer Heart Thinkin of U

If there is someone out there making music that sounds more like it was made to soundtrack a bright, hot and fun holiday adventure than Summer Heart, then we are yet to find them. As the rain pours outside and people huddle in their winter coats to guard against the wind and cold, David Alexander once again comes to the rescue with a track that makes you feel the warm beat of the sun on your face.

If, as many people do these days, you are planning on taking a go-pro camera with you on holiday and making a video of your time away with your friends (you know what we mean, stick it out the car as you drive along, shots of your group laughing and messing around in shops, on walks, by the pool etc) then “Thinkin of U” is your soundtrack.

It’s hazy, bright, light and fun sounding. It’s got that heat sheen synth sound we love so much and a gently insistent and uptempo beat. The vocals are have been fuzzed up to match the shimmering brightness of the melody and it is, as you’d expect, the musical equivalent of a beautiful blue sky. Sure it’s a bit sentimental, ”It’s been six years / Since I first saw you / It’s been six years / Still I adore you” but isn’t all great pop music at heart? Besides, we reckon you’ll be too busy basking in its warm glow to even notice.

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Death In The Afternoon – “Let’s Talk”

18 Sep


It’s been a while since we posted any Swedish pop music which, frankly, feels like a massive oversight on our part. Thankfully the wonderful Sommarhjarta label (home to blog favourites Summer Heart and Sameblod) has come to our rescue with a brand new single from dreamy-synth-pop duo, Death In The Afternoon.

Following on from their debut album, Kino, “Let’s Talk” is a gloriously warm track, with echoes of Bronksi Beat-esque synth and guitar lines permeating through the groovy bass track. Christian Nanzell’s vocals are feather light and soft, a refreshing counter to the sharp stab of drums that will have your feet tapping, then shuffling, then grooving gently around the bathroom as you get ready for an evening out. For example. We’re not saying that is something we’ve done in the last 24 hours or anything. Ahem.

It’s delightful in the subtle way it uplifts and inspires happiness and creates smiles. It takes you gently by the hand for a good boogie in its neon-lit retro-inspired and future proof discotheque and you just end up having a wonderful time, drenched in its gloriously dreamy pop glow.

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Summer Heart – “U Got All That I’m Looking 4”

20 Mar

Summer Heart U Got All I'm Looking 4

Glory be, for spring is well and truly winding up and on the cusp of being sprung. The greenery of life is beginning to show across the countryside as blooms awake from their slumber and winter’s bleak frigidity has all but thawed and been put asunder. Most importantly, evenings are getting lighter day by day and as the mercury begins to climb up into double digits on a regular basis, the time is right to break out a little Summer Heart on the stereo.

And, as if by serendipitous good fortune, here is a new offering from Mr Summer Heart himself, David Alexander. “U Got All That I’m Looking 4” blends his trademark relaxed vibes and soft, echoey vocals with a TV Girl-esque throwback indie-pop. The guitars skip and dance like dandelion fuzz on a warm evening breeze against a backdrop of a bright blue sky. There’s not a cloud to be seen as it floats along a country trail of light, intricate drum patterns and past quaint melodious villages and towns.

It is delightfully warm and happy, like children playing merrily in a park, with not a single thing to worry about. And that’s “U Got All That I’m Looking 4” and Summer Heart in a nutshell, he makes you feel like everything is right with the world and that no matter what’s going on around you, right here is bright, easy and idyllic.

“U Got All That I’m Looking 4” is due for release on 27 April.

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