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A Weekend At The Feelies – “Time & Heat”

11 Aug

A Weekend At The Feelies

It was just over a year ago when we first featured Jordan Campbell and his musical persona, A Weekend At The Feelies and he’s come a long way since. There have been more singles, radio play and support from the likes of Amazing Radio, more and more gigs, blog coverage, the superb Chasing Silk EP and in September there will be the new Summertime Bloodsport EP (which sounds gorgeous). His burgeoning success is no surprise as he is able to seemingly drip sound into sound creating heady concoctions of melody and woozy, dreamlike feelings.

The latest example is his new track, “Time & Heat” which was premiered and fawned over by those lovely people at The Line of Best Fit (another example of Jordan’s growing reputation and critical acclaim).

A languid haziness shimmers across the entirety of its near five minutes; the arrangement a cross hatching of sunlight seeping through a screen door as the vocals drift almost imperceptibly calmly across the sky. The rhythm babbles like a distant stream, gently buffeting sticks of keys and guitar twangs along its surface as days melt into nights into days. It is quintessentially A Weekend At The Feelies and completely stunning. It draws you in, takes you in its arms and carries you, weightless, off on its whispered way, calming and divine, you can’t help but close your eyes and just go with it.

’Summertime Bloodsport’ is due out on 12 September.

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