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Give Conveyor a Kickstart

25 Feb

We love Conveyor, you know that already, and as well as making great music, they are really good people as well. So, with a clear conscience and a warm fuzzy feeling in our collective heart, we would like to draw your attention to their latest project; a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a US tour this year. Or, as they have called it, Tourveyor (clever, like it).

The band are hoping to raise $6,000 to help them buy a bus in which they can drive around the US and play lovely gigs to lovely people. You may wonder why we, a UK based site, are promoting this US based campaign. Well, there are three reasons really.

1. We really dig Conveyor and would love to see them break out big style.
2. Getting donations from fans for this tour will help them to continue to make their music available for free.
3. We figure once this tour is over, it’s only a matter of time before they buy a plane and fly over here as well.

Ok, there is a fourth reason too, the goodies they are offering in return for donations are pretty darn sweet.
We mulled it over and, as tempting as it was to pay $500 to have them write a song about anything we wanted, we instead went for the vinyl package (shocker there).

Check out their page and see if there is anything that takes your fancy, and if you need reminding of how brilliant a band they are, here is their fabulous Sun Ray EP to stream and enjoy.

EPs Of The Year

12 Dec

As well as albums (which we will come to later in the week), there have been some really quite fantastic EPs out this year. So good in fact, that I thought it would be a shame if they didn’t get any love or recognition from us here at Alphabet Bands. These then, are my personal five favourite EPs of 2011, some of which have been featured on the site already but that’s just because I love them so much.

ConveyorSun Ray

First up is Conveyor and their brilliant blend of digital wizardry and folksy acoustic sounds. This four track EP, which incidentally is available on the most gorgeous orange vinyl, combines danceability, wistful yearning and playful yet emotional lyrics. They’re not quite dreampop but certainly have something of the shoegaze about them, provided that as you gazed your shoes were tapping and grooving along.

Get the EP here

Models Can’t FuckMove To Iceland

Models Can’t Fuck Move To Iceland EP comprises three tracks of wondrously dreamy and ever-so-slightly psychedelic, low-fi electronic pop music. Árpi Szarvas, the man behind the band, accurately describes the sound as folktronica. Well, you wouldn’t expect him to describe it inaccurately to be fair. Light and melodic, these songs will make you feel all lovely and fuzzy inside, even if the premise of the title track is running away from heartbreak.

Get the EP here .


I love this girl, plain and simple. Her music is a joy to listen to. It’s just full on, fun pop music that you can sing and dance along to. Her latest EP, Experiments, is fantastic and “Begging Me” (which you can stream below) is one of the best pop songs of the year. Unlike most pop stars these days, Florrie isn’t just a voice on a stage with a massive team of writers, stylists and God knows what else supporting her. She is a multi-instrumentalist, writes her own stuff and self-funds her production and recording time. All this and she still gives a lot of her music away for free, just for you. With a fair wind, the next couple of years should see her break out and get the mainstream recognition she deserves.

Get the EP here.


There is no point beating around the bush, these four tracks ooze funkiness. Each one is infused with a feeling of familiarity that makes it all the more simple to get up and get down. There are synths, guitars and even horns blasting out into your very essence, infecting you with the rhythm. Lead track, “When You’re Dancing”, in particular, is so unashamedly groovy that it doesn’t so much command you to move as hold a diamante encrusted handgun to the head of your loved ones, finger on the trigger daring you not to dance. It’s ok though, you won’t be able to say no. Word to the wise, clear a big space before listening to this, you’ll need the room.

Get the EP here.

Toy CameraBlissful Youth

A collaboration between Drew Harris of Germany Germany and Steph Thompson of Steffaloo, Blissful Youth comprises five tracks of simple but sweet chilled out electronica. I say chilled out, there is also a decidedly upbeat feel and tempo to some of the tracks, yet they do maintain a relaxed, ambient sensibility; if that’s not too much of a paradox.

Get the EP here.

So there you have it, my favourite EPs of the year. Adam S has listed his personal Top 5 Gigs of the year as well so go check that out, and stop by later in the week for his Top Tracks and my favourite albums.