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Free Download: BON-BON – “Lois Lane”

10 Jun

Bon Bon

Without wishing to sound too much like characters from the underappreciated geek classic film Mallrats, discussing the merits or otherwise of comic book heroes (as well as reproductive challenges faced by them), we must confess to never really liking Superman that much. Here was a man whose only flaw was that he had no flaws. YAWN. No wonder Batman (now there’s a superhero we can all appreciate) always refers to him as the Boy Scout. He’s just so vanilla. Which is probably why we always like stuff that show him up to be a bit of a dick. It’s even better when it comes along in the form of a cracking song.

To be fair the use of Superman in BON-BON’s bouncy and brilliant “Lois Lane” is just as a metaphor for men who fail to live up to their initial promise. The track, explains Sian King (for she is BON-BON alongside long time guitarist and friend John Landau) is for ”anyone who’s ever felt short-changed, fooled and strung along by someone they’d dated”. Come on though, just listen to those lyrics. “Thought he was my super guy/Turns out he was kryptonite” for example, is a killer couplet and one that runs and runs inside your head after hearing it.

King’s vocals do just enough to remind us that hell hath no fury etc and “Lois Lane” is full of sass, but manages to fly just the right side of screech-owl in its attitude and pissed-off-ness. Soulful, funky and poppy and catchy as hell too, it whips along at breakneck speed, faster than a speeding bullet no doubt and gets right under your skin and into you head.

A new BON-BON EP is due out in the next few months but in the meantime you can grab a free download of “Lois Lane” by hitting Like on their Facebook page.

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