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GGOOLLDD – “Boyz” (video)

16 Feb


Depending on who in the music industry you ask, you will get a variety of answers about the right way to grow as a band, to launch an artist, build your fanbase etc. While some may have tried and tested techniques, there isn’t really one surefire guarantee of quality and / or success. That said, we reckon most, if not all, the people you ask in music industry would say one guaranteed way not to be successful is to book yourself a headline show before you’ve even written a song. Yet that is exactly the approach Milwaukee based synth-poppers GGOOLLDD took and to hell with logic, the results are fabulous.

In playing said headline show (a 2013 Halloween party, it was supposed to be a one off) the GGOOLLDD gang found they had inadvertently pushed a snowball down the mountain and it was already getting bigger and gathering momentum. Show followed show and soon the band found themselves in need of additional members (they started without a drummer) as well as tunes. Thankfully both came quickly and last year they released the superbly uptempo $tandard$ EP. The snowball has kept rolling though and now a new single and video have been added to its increasing mass and drive.

New track “Boyz” is blissfully bright and playful. It’s big and bouncy with a hook that sounds like a rainbow; an explosion of colour and sound with synths, guitars and beats detonating together in a joyful blast of pop magnificence. Vibrant doesn’t really do it justice as the drums cascade, horns blare out euphorically and the vocals flat out smile. It’s glorious stuff and even though the temperature is gradually rising, that snowball shows no signs of stopping or melting.

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Pink Gloves – “80s Girls”

27 Jan

Pink Gloves

Given our age and the kind of pop-culture we enjoyed in our youth, and still do today, it is a little surprising that we have never seen the John Hughes classic Pretty In Pink. To be fair there are many films from that era that passed us by (it is a matter of pride that to this day we have never seen Top Gun and we aim to keep it that way) yet as it is referenced by so many different films, shows and bands we love, we really should have sat down and given it a whirl by now.

One guy who has evidently given it more than just the odd whirl is Prague-based Petr Pliska, or Pink Gloves as he is known musically. His latest single, “80s Girls” (appropriately) is about Molly Ringwald and her outfit in said classic movie. Nostalgia is found both lyrically, “Watching a film on my old VHS / There is Molly Ringwald in her garish dress / Watching a film on my old VHS / Just a little piece / Of happiness” he sings, and sonically.

The synthy electro-pop of “80s Girls” is a faded kind of neon, more of a soundtrack to the moment of introspection and self-awareness that is often found in 80s teen dramatic-comedies. Or specifically like that point prior to the epiphany, the solitary walk and mope moment. It’s not euphoric but nor is it melancholic. It’s intoxicatingly warm and affectionate for the past with all the relevant influences referenced and made into something modern and familiar.

”80s Girls” is out now and available to buy on iTines.

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Pawws – “Sugar”

20 Apr

Pawws Sugar

We were a little late to the Pawws party last year, but once we heard “Slow Love” we hightailed it straight over just in time for cake and champagne. We imagine the champagne will be flowing for Lucy Taylor once again as, having been tipped for great things this year she has just signed up to Best Fit Recordings for the release of her debut EP, Sugar.

The title track has just been unveiled online and is a digital waterfall of cascading synth pop, all majestic and beautiful. Like a Jean Michel Jarre lightshow, the keys twinkle and glow, creating magical patterns across the night sky as Lucy’s soft and sweet vocals gently bewitch and entice all who hear her. ”I need to taste a little sugar” she calls out to a lover she can’t let go, the one she desperately needs to stay, ”Just pretend there is nothing wrong” she begs. How could we resist?

While Lucy may well be singing to the one that got away, we are certain that her pop stardom will not prove so elusive.

The ‘Sugar’ EP is out on 16 June via Best Fit Recordsings and can be pre-ordred here on limited edition vinyl or CD. Before that, Pawws plays a show on 12 May at The Lexington in London, tickets for that are available here

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That Girl With Dark Eyes – “Lonely as a Wolf”

8 Apr

That Girl With Dark Eyes

There could well be something a little lupine in the air you know. Last week there was a ”Wolf at the Door” and now, this week, we are as “Lonely As A Wolf”. Is it nearly full moon? Thankfully, thus far we have not had need to cry wolf nor been hungry like one.

With that gubbins out of the way, and after a decidedly rocky pause yesterday, we return to our love of synth pop via the skittish and bubbly “Lonely as a Wolf” from That Girl With Dark Eyes, aka Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor.

Originally from California, That Girl… has recently been plying her trade in the equally temperate climate of Barcelona where she has apparently been anointed ‘Spain’s new Synth-pop Hero’. We’re not sure if that title comes with any official duties but if so, we imagine ‘making creepy and slightly disturbing videos to accompany your infectious and bouncy pop tunes’ could be one of them.

Featuring a blank look that is all kinds of freaky and hypnotic, mannequins, glowing lips and eye strings (you’ll see what we mean), it’s a fantastic watch. Tiffany has described it as being like “a dream state, coming in and out of reality. A parallel of weakness and strength. There´s something truly beautiful about being alone, yet so painful and the video is meant to express this internal battle and how you might drive your lover crazy with your craziness,” which does make sense really, when you think about it.

It’s also fantastically shot, remarkably inventive and as mentioned, a bit freaky. The track itself is a cracking slice of electro-indie-pop that will entrance you even more than the visuals.

”Lonely as a Wolf” is available as a free download from That Girl With Dark Eyes’ soundcloud player.

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Strangers – “Wolf At The Door”

2 Apr

Strangers Wolf At The Door

Following on from the success of their six-month free download extravaganza, the Close EP and, of course, their storming set on the Alphabet Bands stage at the Norwich Sound & Vision festival; those Northampton Strangers are back. Back right now with a brand new single and, whisper it, the promise of an album later in the year. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; let’s just focus on the here and now for the time being.

Having already been played by Mr John Kennedy on XfM, “Wolf At The Door” is another example of Stranger’s growing confidence, maturity and ability to write a catchy as you like hook. With a sense of unease stalking throughout, the dark synthlines convey that feeling of reaching rock bottom and the euphoria, the freedom of throwing off those shackles and rising up once again. ”We got to lose ourselves to find ourselves” sings David Maddox-Jones as the eyes of the wolf flash, the beat grows and the song reaches up, up to new heights and optimism.

They told us last year that running the monthly free download had been a really great discipline for writing and crafting new songs, and it certainly seems to be paying off. The guys are hitting new heights and with any luck, by the end of this year we will be revelling in a fantastic and successful debut album.

”Wolf At The Door” is due for release on 2 June.

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