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TV Girl – “Taking What’s Not Yours” (video)

13 Apr

TV Girl

When last we featured TV Girl we noted that we will always be happy to hear new music from them. This is both a blessing and a curse in some respects though as when their new album, Who Really Cares, came out, we just listened and enjoyed. Then listened and enjoyed some more, and again, and again. By the time we really should have been writing about it had come and gone, we were still listening and enjoying.

We’re not a blog that lives and dies by posting times though and won’t reject a tune for having been out too long. So it was inevitable that while our productivity may have been low, we were always going to come back to TV Girl; especially the lead single “Taking What’s Not Yours”.

Now accompanied by a simple but fantastic video, featuring LA artist and actress Dasha Nekrasova lip synching to the song, “Taking What’s Not Yours” is everything we love about TV Girl. Deliciously, ridiculously infectious, it is bright and playful while dealing with a lesser spoken consequence of a failed relationship. What happens to the stuff you leave in the other person’s house.

The whole track is just wonderful, there’s a Nixon sample in there that is so deft you might miss it but it is genius, trust us. It is lyrically dry, sardonic and clever. It is completely and utterly perfectly TV Girl. We don’t think we’ll ever tire of hearing new stuff from them.

”Taking What’s Not Yours” is taken from the excellent ‘Who Really Cares’ album which is out now and available from the TV Girl Bandcamp page.

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